Certificate A1 in Slovenia and posting workers in EU

Certificate A1 in Slovenia and posting workers in EU

Do you plan to do business in Europe? You can do it with a Slovenian company if you obtain an A1 certificate. It proves that a worker or sole trader is enrolled in the basic insurance in Slovenia when he works abroad.

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Obtaining the certificates A1 for each worker

You have to obtain the certificates A1 for each worker who you will send to work in other EU countries. Also, sole traders can receive the A1 certificates and can provide services in another EU country.

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The certificate A1 and sending your workers to work abroad

You must obtain the A1 certificate in the case you plan to send your workers abroad. In order to do it and to obtain an A1 form for them, the company must also do the following:

  • usually does business in Slovenia,
  • does also not break the labor law that relates to the workers’ rights,
  • the posted workers do not usually work in the country where you send them to work,
  • the service is provided within the activities for which the employer is registered in Slovenia,
  • and the service is provided in an authorized manner.

The employer also has to have all the taxes paid. Check with our legal experts to see if your company qualifies to send the workers to work abroad.

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The certificate A1 for sole traders

A sole trader who wants work abroad and receive an certificate A1 has to do the following:

  • usually does business in Slovenia,
  • he is registered to do those activities in Slovenia and
  • the service is performed on the basis of a contract between the him and the client.

The certificate A1 and issuing

The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia issues the A1 certificate. Before issuing it also checks whether the employer or sole trader meets all the conditions. You must also submit the application via the electronic system. It is not possible to submit it in paper form. You will have to include the employment contract with the worker and a contract with the client to work abroad. The sole traders only enclose a contract with the foreign client. You can also obtain the A1 certificate with the help of our legal experts.

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The issuance in e-form

The authority issues the certificate A1 no later than in 5 work days after the submission of the full application. You will receive the form as an electronic document. If the authority considers that you did not meet the conditions, it can reject the request.

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