Commercial activity in Slovenia: popular choices of foreign entrepreneurs

Commercial activity in Slovenia popular choices of foreign entrepreneurs

Starting a business in Europe is a dream of many entrepreneurs. Opening a company in Slovenia gives you the opportunity to engage in the vibrant European market and offer your services throughout EU. But deciding on which commercial activity the company is sometimes difficult, especially if you have experience in various fields. To make your decision easier, we have gathered the most frequently chosen commercial activities which our clients choose when opening a company in Slovenia.

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Commercial activity in Slovenia: options for business registration in Slovenia

In order to engage in any commercial activity, you would need to register a company in Slovenia first. As a foreign entrepreneur, you have various choices depending on your business experience. You can start an LTD company as a natural person with 7500€ share capital. If you have a business abroad you can also register a subsidiary or a branch office in Slovenia. All three company types can enable you to do commercial activity in Slovenia and within one company you can register more business activities. It is also possible to add or remove them later.

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What commercial activities did foreign entrepreneurs most frequently choose for their company in Slovenia?

Of course, you can register any commercial activity which you would like to conduct or have more experience in. But sometimes foreigners are also interested in the choices that others made before them. At DATA, we have been offering support for over 30 years and we compiled the information on the frequently chosen commercial activities which our foreign clients mostly choose.

For the most part, foreigners decide to register a company that engages in real estate. The most frequently chosen commercial activity among real estate is long-term or short-term rent of own real estate. This can include renting property to tourists through online platforms like AirBnB and Booking.
Another way to engage in short-term rental commercial activity is to open hospitality business that also offers restaurant services or they decide to open guesthouses.

Various types of trade are also a popular choice, especially for companies who also export products to other EU countries.

IT services and various forms of consultation are also commonly chosen amongst foreigners. This is because they have low operating costs and also usually do not require having a physical office and can perform the activity online.

Because of the good logistical location of Slovenia and the port in the city of Koper, entrepreneurs also decide to register activities relating to transportation, either of goods or passengers.

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