What business activities fall under the hospitality sector?

What business activities fall under the hospitality sector?

When foreigners decide to start a business in Slovenia, many of them choose one or more business activities from the hospitality sector. But which business activities actually fall under this business scope and do all of them require specific licenses for business conduct? We will be addressing these questions in today’s article.

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What is the first step when wanting to engage in any business in Slovenia, EU?

Starting any business in Slovenia, requires registering the company in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company with 7.500€ share capital. All shareholders and representatives need a Slovenian tax number and your company also requires a business address in Slovenia. Within the company, you can register several business activities, which can relate to various fields of hospitality. You have to choose a main activity and also accompanying business activities. Should your business grow and develop, you can also add additional business activities within the company’s act of establishment.

Which business activities fall under the hospitality sector?

Hospitality sector covers a large scope of business activities mostly with servicing guests. It includes business of lodging, like hostels, hostels and guesthouses. Additionally, within this sector you can also register food and drinks services, like a restaurant. It also includes event planning and transportation of passengers. A wide part of this sector is also tourism industry, mainly activities of tourist agencies.

What permits or licenses would your company need if you will provide services in hospitality sector?

Dealing with food products, like cafes, bars and restaurants, your company would need to abide by specific technical standards about the business premises. Additionally, you would need to abide by hygienic standards when it comes to dealing with foods as well as following the HACCP directive.

Activities connected to offering lodging are also subjected to categorization as well as abiding by minimal technical standards.

Offering services as a tourist agency requires fulfilling the stricter conditions than others within the hospitality sector. It also requires obtaining a license in order being able to conduct this business activity.

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