Opening an import export company in Slovenia

Opening an import-export company in Slovenia

Opening an import export company in Slovenia

Opening an import export company in Slovenia is not difficult. It is very interesting for entrepreneurs who want to offer their products in the EU. So, if you are thinking about making that step, keep on reading.

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Register your company

The registration of import export company requires a minimum initial capital of 7,500 euros. Good thing is, you can use it later on to cover expenses. Besides that, to open an export company, you must obtain a Slovenian tax number. An you also need a business address and a bank account.

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Import export business in Slovenia

Imports exports business has grown significantly in Slovenia last year. Exports from Slovenia went 40 percent up from previous years 39.4 billion euros. Imports also increased by 31 percent. Opening this kind company is a very popular business in Slovenia. If you want to find out more, call us on +386 64 173 023 (Viber / WhatsApp).


Opening a in Slovenia will give you an excess to EU market. Considering that, it is good to know that most goods are exported from Slovenia to Germany (17.3%). Besides Germany, important markets for Slovenian exporters are Switzerland (13.4%), Italy (10.7%), Croatia (7.9%) and Austria (6.6%). It is also good to know, that in 2021 the most of import was from Germany (15%). After that, Italy (11.3%), Switzerland (10.1%), China (10%) and Austria (8 , 8%).

Registering a company in Slovenia is can be simple! If you are interested in registering a company in Slovenia, we will provide all the you need! We can guid you trough the procedure quickly and without complications.

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