Online store in Slovenia: what does the Slovenian population buy?

Online store in Slovenia

Online store in Slovenia as a business idea

An online store in Slovenia is a good and perspective idea for business development. The amount of online purchases is steeply rising each year. In the given statistical data of the first quarter of the year 2016, 30% of Slovenian residents in the ages 16-74 have made online purchases, the ratio of men and women making the purchases has been almost equal.

The online purchases that people make are usually clothes, sports equipment, shoes, etc. They are followed by major household appliances, toys, furniture, household goods. There is also a high demand in online stores for everyday items like food and cosmetics. It also makes sense to open an online store in Slovenia for selling televisions, mobile phones, printers, computers and similar technical items.

In the service sector, selling tickets is popular, as well as hotel reservations, plane tickets and software.

It is worth noting that most of the inhabitants of Slovenia purchase products on Slovenian sites (78%). If you are planning to open a business in Slovenia, why not try to open an online store in Slovenia. Based on statistics, you can sell a large amount of products and services, which can meet the demand in Slovenia, and you would not waste money on renting a business space and you can also work individually without paid employees.

Registration of an online store in Slovenia does not require any licenses or permits, but it does require that you register a company in Slovenia.

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