Year 2018 was a successful year for company registration

Year 2018 was a successful year for company registration

As it has been already one whole month of the New Year, it is time for analyzing how successful the previous year was. The company Data is a licensed company registration point (VEM point) and several entrepreneurs, both local and foreign, decide to perform company registration in our office. But you can also perform other changes related to the company at our VEM point.

Year 2018 in numbers – company registration procedures

One of the most popular processes that we performed was company registration. In the year 2018 we have performed 203 LTD company registrations and 739 registrations of sole proprietorship.

Both local and foreign entrepreneurs have decided to come to our office for company registration in order to proceed doing business in Europe.

In order for a foreign entrepreneur to do business in Slovenia, he has to register an LTD company. For that he needs 7.500€ founding capital. Additional he has to bring with him his valid passport and Slovenian tax number. All companies also need a statement about the business address in Slovenia.

Your physical presence in Slovenia is required in order to do company registration. The whole process takes around 1 month to complete. This includes the process of obtaining the Slovenian tax number as well as depositing the founding capital in a corporate bank account in Slovenia.

Would you like to start a business in Slovenia, Europe?

You can write to us on our email or call us on phone: +386 1 6006 270 or Viber & WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718.


Other procedures that our VEM point performed in the year 2018

In addition to company registration, you can also perform other procedures related to your company. The procedures include: changing of the busines address, adding or removing business activities of the company, changing of company names etc. Our VEM point performed 333 such procedures in the year 2018.

Also, we have performed 294 enrollments to Slovenian social security for LTD companies and also 152 cancellations of enrollment to Slovenian social security for LTD companies.

Sole proprietors have performed 522 enrollments to self-employment procedures and only 160 cancellations of these enrollments. This year, 381 afternoon sole proprietors have performed enrollments to Slovenian social security. At our VEM point, they performed only 70 cancellations of these enrollments.

Year 2018 as a whole for our VEM point at the company Data

This year, 4114 procedures were performed at our VEM point, and only 63 of them were not solved successfully. Within those 63 procedures, only 16 of them were company registration procedures.

Such a high success rate this year can be attributed to the professional qualifications of our consultants at our VEM point. In addition to the free consultation about company registration that we offer, the company Data can also provide additional supporting consultation from specific fields.

We provide accountancy services for companies as well as tax consultation. Data also has its own legal department that can assist a new or seasoned entrepreneur to understand Slovenian legislation. They also draft contracts and prepare internal regulations for companies.

For clients in our accountancy service, we can also offer services of virtual office if needed.

For more information on company registration in Slovenia, you can write to our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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