How to expand business to Slovenia, Europe?

How to expand business to Slovenia?

If you have an existing business in your country – you can expand business to Slovenia at any time. All you have to do is to register – either a branch office in Slovenia or a legal entity form LTD company, which is established by another legal entity from abroad.

Way to expand business to Slovenia – opening LTD company

Choosing to register LTD company in Slovenia is a smart idea. It is very easy procedure, takes minimum time and it is totally free of charge. To expand business to Slovenia through LTD company you will only need certain documents. These documents are: passport, tax number from Slovenia and certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia as well and tax number of foreign company. Last two document we obtain for you here in Slovenia on the basis of power of attorney.

In order to expand business to Slovenia through LTD company you have to put a funding capital when registering a company. This is obligatory if you want to register LTD in Slovenia.

To expand business to Slovenia will take you one hour in our office, while court will bring decision that you company is registered in approx. 2-4 days.

Opening branch office – 2nd option

Another possibility to expand business to Slovenia is registration of branch office. The procedure is similar to registration of LTD company, but you have to pay it. Because you can register this type of company only at the notary in Slovenia. Document that you have to obtain to register branch office are the same. Another thing is – branch office registered in Slovenia will totally depend on parent company in your country.

Expand your business to Slovenia – we can help!

If you decided to register a company in Slovenia – you can contact us immediately. Upon business formation and entering the EU market by registering a company in Slovenia, we offer you comprehensive consulting and support.  You have more questions about – how to register business or any other question related with business, you can contact us. We Will be happy to answer your questions via email:, phone: +386 1 6006 270, Viber: +386 40 530 718. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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