Branch company in Slovenia (RS-EU)

Registration of branch company in Slovenia

Branch company can be established by foreign legal entity in Slovenia. By Slovenian legislation, branch company is not a legal entity. It also does not require a founding capital. Meaning that it is not sovereign legal entity. Branch company can carry out only the business that is performed by the parent company.

Procedure of registration of branch company of foreign legal entity

Foreign companies mostly perform business abroad through a branch office. Branch company acts in the name and on behalf of a foreign company. It is using also the name of the parent company. A foreign company is in that case with its assets responsible for any liabilities. Liabilities – arising from the operations of a branch.

Representative of a foreign company for registration of a branch company filles documents at the notary in Slovenia.

For the purposes of registration of branch office in Slovenia a foreign company and its representative, have to obtain certain document in Slovenia. These documents are:

  • tax number for foreign company
  • tax number for representative
  • certificate of non-criminal record for foreign representative

Registration of branch office in Slovenia – how can we help?

Documents have to be ready by the time of registration at the notary. In DATA we can obtain these documents in advance. On the basis of power of attorney. Our legal department will prepare suitable power of attorney. We can also offer an option of registration of branch office through power of attorney. For those who want to save time, we will help you to create a path for your business in Slovenia. In DATA we gather legal department, accounting services, marketing services, web design, department dealing with tenders, and education center – all in one place.

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