Online shop in Slovenia/EU: changes and VAT after 1st July

Online shop in Slovenia EU changes and VAT after 1st July

Online shop in Slovenia/EU: changes regarding VAT after 1st July 2021!

If you have an online shop in Slovenia, there are some changes that will affect you after 1st July 2021. Slovenian online shops will also have to start charging the VAT of the country where the buyer of their product is. This will influence how you will be able to do your business in Europe.

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Online shop in Slovenia and registration to VEM

There will also be a VEM system in place. Companies will have to register there and report about all the sales they make in EU countries. All companies that go over the 10.000€ sales have to register there. This system is not yet available. The online shop in Slovenia will also have to keep records about sales to natural persons. They can use the software within this system or their own programs. Our legal experts would be able to guide you in understanding the changes.

Non-VAT payers and online sales

Those companies who are not registered for VAT, will issue their invoices to natural persons without VAT until the 10.000€ limit. When the company reaches it, it has to register for VAT. Also it need to enter the VEM system. When the tax office issues the VAT number, the company will have to start charging the correct VAT rate. And when issuing the invoice, you need to make sure that you charge the correct VAT. It needs to be from the country of the buyer.

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Online shop in Slovenia and amount of VAT on the invoices

It is important that you use the correct VAT rate of the country where you ship your goods. Also you need to make sure to use the correct rate for the specific product. We will post all updates on this topic also to our Facebook  and Instagram.

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VAT reports

The company has to report on the VAT it calculates to the tax office. You will do it through the eDavki portal. The reports have to be submitted quarterly. You can submit the payments in one payment account. The basis of the report will have to be the analytical records, which the online shop in Slovenia has to provide. They have to include the sales in each individual EU country.

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