Migration to Slovenia – start a business

Migration to Slovenia - start a business

Migration to Slovenia through business

Migration to Slovenia is not that complicated as it seems at first glance . It is wise to have good advisers who understand foreign entrepreneuers. If you are thinking about business migration to Slovenia please call us at +386 64 173 023 (Viber/WhatsApp). Our consultants in Data d.o.o. will offer you full support in the whole process of business migration. Contact them at data@data.si and ensure  that you meet your goals in starting a business in Slovenia.

First decision that you have to make is what form of company would you like to establish. You can choose from three forms:

  • Ltd. where the owners are natural persons.
  • Daughter company is independent legal entity and is also a LTD. Daughter company can perform activities which the parent company does not have registered.
  • Branch office is not a legal entity and can perform only the activity of parent company. Branch office has to be registered at a notary.

For more information call us on +386 64 173 023 (Viber/WhatsApp) or write on Slovenia2@data.si

Business migration and share capital

To register a company in Slovenia you need minimal founding capital of 7.500 EUR. You put that amount on your business account. Only then you can acquire a court decision for company registration. The same capital is required for registration of subsidiary, but payment has to be made by parent company. For branch office founding capital is not required, because it is not legal entity. Data d.o.o. offer you full support with opening a bank account. Our experts can advise you on how to start doing business in Slovenia. For further information on migration process contact them on data@data.si.

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Slovenian tax number

In registration process you will have to obtain slovenian tax number for owners and directors. For daughter company is also necessary to acquire tax number, but for parent company. In that case the parent company is the owner of slovenian company. For that you need to acquire a copy from court register for parent company, which is not older than 30 days. It has to be translated into slovenian language. You also need active bank account . Process of obtaining slovenian tax number we on DATA carry out for you. For further information on migration to Slovenia write us on Slovenia2@data.si or call us at +386 64 173 023 (Viber/WhatsApp). Find out what is the easiest way for business migration to Slovenia!

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Business address in Slovenia

Every company in Slovenia needs business address. In case you do not need business space you can arrange a virtual office. That service includes:

  • business address on our company location with free parking
  • receiving mail for your company and sending it to you
  • everyday contact with legal department
  • comunication with inspection.

How can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

Employment process

When you register a company it can begin with employment process. You can employ EU citizens right away, but for non EU citizens you have to fullfil one of three conditions. First condition is investiment in minimal amount of 50.000 EUR in first six months from registration. Second condition is profit of minimum 10.000 EUR per month, for six months. Third condition is having employed at least one person for full-time who is EU citizen. You can also employ a person who has valid work and residence permit in Slovenia.

DATA Company has 28 years of experience with business migration to Slovenia. Furthermore, we have clients from almost every country in the world. In particular, our team of experts is specialised for company and business migration of any size and form.

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