Conditions for business activity – company in Slovenia, EU

Conditions for business activity - company in Slovenia, EU

Many entrepreneurs have decided to expand or start their business in Europe. Slovenia is a central European country, which has become quite a popular business destination within the EU. Entrepreneurs choose different business activities to provide to their clients but some of them might require the company to fulfill additional conditions before the start of business in Slovenia.

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Different groups of business activities that you can register within the company in Slovenia, EU

If you have decided to conduct your business in Slovenia, you can do so by company registration in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company with 7500€ founding capital. Within the act of establishment, you would have to list the business activities your company plans to offer. They are divided into three different groups depending on the whether or not you would need to abide by additional regulations to conduct the business activity:

  • special business activities, where no additional permits are needed, but you need to fulfill specific conditions when carrying them out,
  • regulated business activities where you would need a license from either Chamber of Crafts (occupational licensing) or Chamber of Commerce,
  • unregulated business activities, which you can perform just by registering the appropriate activity.

You can add or remove business activities later, after company registration. But it is important that you register it before starting to offer the services and obtain the necessary licenses should the chosen business activities need them.

Business activities that require abiding by specific regulations

When you carry out certain services or sell certain products, you would need to abide by specific regulations for this particular activity. In these cases, you do not need additional licenses or permits, just fulfilling the specific conditions.

One of them is the field connected to hospitality business – like guesthouse or restaurant. Here you would have to abide by the conditions that the Catering Act determines. Accommodation establishments also require to receive a decree of categorization.

A lot of activities connected to trade and import also require to fulfill additional conditions. For example, importing cosmetic products requires you to register your business activity with the Bureau for Chemicals and obtain their approval.

Regulated business

For certain areas of work, you would have to receive a permit or a license before you can start offering your services. You usually apply for them either at the Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Crafts in Slovenia. Within those activities you can find transportation business, tourist agency, construction business and pastry shop. Some of them are also a subject of obtaining concession from the responsible ministry. Those include pharmacies and other medically related businesses.

Unregulated business

A very wide specter of business activities is unregulated. This means that you can carry them out without fulfilling specific conditions or obtaining licenses. The most commonly chosen business activities include renting out own real estate, computer programming and related IT services, several fields of consultation etc.

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