Capital of the LTD company in Slovenia

Capital of the LTD company in Slovenia

The company type that most foreigners establish when doing business in Slovenia is LTD company. It is a company type that requires 7.500€ founding capital. We will be explaining what this capital of the company is, how you can deposit it and later use it.

Capital of the LTD company in Slovenia – why do you need to deposit it?

If you plan on doing business in Europe, establishing a company in Slovenia can give you the gateway to the European market. Non-EU citizens, who have not lived in Slovenia before, can establish an LTD company without prior residence here. An LTD company is a private company limited by shares. The minimal capital of the LTD company type is 7.500€. This is the amount with which your company is liable for business conduct.

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How can you make the deposit?

When you have signed the LTD establishment act, you will have to visit a bank in Slovenia where you would open a temporary bank account. To that bank account you can then deposit the capital of the company either in cash or through bank transfer from your personal bank account. If you are opening the subsidiary, you will have to make the transfer from the parent company’s bank account.

When the bank receives your transfer, they will issue a confirmation about the deposit. This confirmation will complete your company registration application and the court would then register your LTD company in around 1 week.

After you have received the court’s decree on company registration, you can change your temporary bank account to permanent. This will complete the process of company registration.

Can you withdraw the capital of the company after company registration?

The 7.500€ will be the capital of your company and it is forbidden to withdraw the money from the bank account. But you can use the funds for your company’s business expenses like paying salaries, taxes, office rent etc.

Is it possible to increase the founding capital later?

If a certain business activity would require you to increase the founding capital or add another shareholder to the company, you can increase the amount of the capital. However, you will have to do the process at the notary.

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