How to open a private kindergarten in Slovenia?

How to open a private kindergarten in Slovenia?

Are you thinking about how to open a private kindergarten in Slovenia? In Slovenia, in recent years, the population growth has been increasing, so therefore it makes sense to consider opening a business associated with children, such as a private kindergarten in Slovenia.

Open a private kindergarten in Slovenia – steps

The first step in the process of opening a private kindergarten in Slovenia, is the registration of the company. To open a private kindergarten, you have to register your activities. It is necessary to distinguish between “child care” and “private kindergarten”. These activities are not the same. In Slovenia, the kindergarten is a pre-school education, it is not obligatory and it is designated for children that are over 11 months old.

Opening a private kindergarten in Slovenia involves the registration in the register at the Ministry of education, science and sports. To register you have to provide:

  • Act of the establishment of the company;
  • Decree of the entry in the court register of Slovenia;
  • Filled in application with the testimony of the fulfillment of all conditions for carrying out this type of activity;
  • Authorization, confirming that the place for the kindergarten meets all requirements;
  • Confirmation of the proper education or a document confirming the existence of a third person with the proper education.

Open a private kindergarten at home

You can also open a private kindergarten in your own apartment or house, of course, with the implementation of all technical requirements – for example, you have to provide a fenced playground near your home.

Some other technical requirements:

  • open doors are not permitted;
  • electrical outlets should be located at least 1.5 meters from the floor
  • ceiling height has to reach more than 2.40 meters.

If you are wondering how to open a private kindergarten in Slovenia, the experts in the company “DATA” will be happy to provide you with professional support in the registration of your company, as well as in obtaining permits and conducting operations in Slovenia. Our experienced staff will help you to deal with all the bureaucratic issues.

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