EU minimum wage-countries with lowest and highest wages

EU minimum wage-countries with lowest and highest wages

EU minimum wage – the lowest in Bulgaria, the highest in Luxembourg

EU minimum wage varies clearly from country to country. For instance, in Slovenia, the minimum wage rose to 1,074.43 euros gross this year. Moreover, if you also have any questions about the salary or. salary supplements or questions regarding labor law in general, you can also contact our legal advisers! 

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Not all EU countries have a set minimum wage!

Firstly, before reviewing the minimum wage, it should be also emphasized that not all European Union countries have it. For instance, from the 27 countries of the European Union, 21 have one. Moreover, countries without a fixed minimum wage in the European Union are also Denmark, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Finland and Sweden. Do you also want to find out more about EU minimum wage? Then, read this article.

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Different countries, different taxation as well

However, it should be also added that the minimum wage in EU countries requires a more in-depth analysis. The minimum wages were also published by Eurostat and usually apply to all employees, or at least to the vast majority of employees in countries.

Therefore, minimum wages are presented as monthly wage rates for gross income. However, before the deduction of income tax and social security contributions are also paid by the employee. To point out, these deductions, of course, also vary from country to country. 

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Minimum salary in EU countries – where is it lower than 750 euros?

For example, the table will first look at where the EU minimum wage is also below € 750. Furthermore, you can also see some other calculations.

           Country The amount of the minimum wage Since when is it valid or will it be valid?
Bulgaria 362.97 euros 1.4.2022


500.00 euros 1/1/2021
Romania 515.00 euros 1/1/2022
Hungary 550.00 or 715.00 euros 1.2.2022
Croatia 627.76 euros 1/1/2022
Czech Republic 639.27 euros 1/1/2022
Slovakia 646.00 euros 1/1/2022
Poland 653.50 euros 1/1/2022
Estonia 654.00 euros 1/1/2022
Lithuania 730.00 euros 1/1/2022


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Minimum salary in EU countries – where is more than € 1,500?

In conclusion, the last table also shows the countries of the with a minimum wage higher than EUR 1,500.


The amount of EU the minimum wage Since when is it valid or will it be valid?
France 1603.00 euros 1.1.2022
The Netherlands 1725.00 euros 1/1/2021
Germany 1755.00 euros 7/1/2022
Belgium 1756.23 euros 1/1/2022
Ireland 1774.50 euros 1/1/2022
Luxembourg 2256.95 euros 10/1/2022


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However, Slovenia is also somewhere in the middle of the list of EU minimum wage with amount of 1074,43 €. Want to also learn more? Therefore, check our website as well and see all the updates. Here you can also learn how to set up a company in Slovenia.

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