Education in Slovenia/EU: does business setup require a specific level?

Education in SloveniaEU does business setup require a specific level

Education in Slovenia/EU – you do not need a specific level to open a company!

When people are setting up the business in Europe they often ask if they need a specific level of education. In Slovenia, the level of education is not relevant when setting up the business. But in some of the business activities, you would need to have a specific degree in Slovenia in order to carry them out. Those are regulated and craft activities. Let us check, which ones they are.

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For most businesses you do not need to have any level of education in Slovenia!

Do you want to open a company? Just to open a company in Slovenia, you do not need to show your level of education. And also for the most business activities, there are no conditions for a certain level of education in Slovenia to perform it. They include simple construction, consulting, marketing, renting own real estate, etc.  Here, it is enough that you register the right activity. You can follow us on our Facebook  and Instagram. There we post updates on different business activities.

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The examples of the businesses where you need to have a level of education in Slovenia

When do you need a level of education? One of the businesses where you need to show a minimal level of education is brokerage in real estate rent or purchases. Here, you would need to apply for a license. One of the conditions of the license is a level of education in Slovenia. It has to be at least the national professional qualification. It has to state that you are a real estate broker.

Do you plan to open a man power agency? Then you would also need to show at least VII. level of education in Slovenia. You would also need to pass an exam for this profession.

If you also plan to engage in child care, you would need to have had at least finished middle school in the right field. Our legal advisors can also consult you in every step of the way.

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What about the craft activities?

Do you plan to open a company that also does craft activities? Then you would need to obtain the permit from the Chamber of Crafts. This requires a level of education in Slovenia. Which are craft activities? They include: most construction, hairdressing, cosmetics, repair shop for cars, baking sweets and bread, etc.

For those businesses you would need to have finished the correct school. The other way to prove it is to pass the national professional exam. If you do not have the correct education in Slovenia, you can hire an employee who has it. This way you can apply for the license or the permit and not need to obtain the degree yourself. The craft permit is issued for the company, not just for the employee.

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