Company name reservation – a useful guide!

Company name reservation - a useful guide!

There is one thing our DATA referents recommend to all entrepreneurs before they prepare the documents for company registration in Slovenia. That is to do the company name reservation Basically, this article will help you with the basic conditions. By all means, if you decide to immigrate in Slovenia, DATA will be here for you! We can guide you through the whole process. Guess what? Our rich experience of more than 33 years can tell a lot about our dedication to help businesses. Let’s see the procedure!

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Ltd (limited liability company) and company name reservation

Firstly, before you prepare the documents, you need to check in the registration court if the name is appropriate. Why? In essence, the Companies Act (ZGD-1) has some rules. For instance, you don’t need an imaginary name for limited liability partnership. However, you do need for limited liability company. Moreover, even a sole proprietorship (s.p.) can choose an imaginary company name. Nevertheless, company name reservation are necessary only for Ltd. So, entrepreneurs who decide to open a sole proprietorship cannot carry out this procedure.

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Business name – business activity

Furthermore, you need to check in the AJPES register if the prospective company name is available. Companies tend to have similar or even same names. If another company already uses your imaginary name, you need to choose a different name. Alternatively, the partner may go for a procedure of registration of the intended business name. Do you have a name for your company? What is your business idea? Can you find something creative?

Company registration

Company name reservation – how does it work?

Do you know that you can do all this with our help? Our DATA referent can guide you through the whole process. However, you need to provide some information. That is:

  • Imaginary name of the company
  • Name and surname of one partner and his/her ID number
  • The business address where he/she wishes to receive the court’s decision regarding the company.

Moreover, the referent prepares the application on the e-Vem website and submits it electronically to the registry court. You don’t need to be present to sign it. After a few days, you will receive the decision of the Court of Registration at the address you chose for your company. If the decision is positive, you can have the name for a period of one year. Basically, you can register your company whenever you want within that period. Do you find this helpful? Do you think this is complex for you? Let our experts help and guide you! Just contact us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and schedule a meeting! Or send us an email as well! Our email is Don’t wait! Start today!

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What to expect in the process?

If the shareholder of the future company is a legal person, then he/she must take care to specify the company with the registration number as the shareholder in the process. However, when it is a foreign company that wishes to establish Ltd in Slovenia, the foreign company with a Slovenian tax number shall be listed as the partner.

In essence, the name of the company is very important. It is important that you take care of the company name reservation. Why? Very simple reason. It represents the company in the business world. And we believe you want a good representation. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you find this helpful? Do you want to register a company in Slovenia? Let DATA help you! We provide quality legal and accounting services! Also, we can help you with family reunification! Do you know how? Don’t worry if you don’t! Just contact us! We will be happy to help! Last but not least, if you want to know more about our work, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn

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