Analysis of business conduct for Slovenian companies

Analysis of business conduct for Slovenian companies

The Slovenian Statistical Bureau (SURS) prepared an analysis about the business conduct for companies in Slovenia for the year 2018. The year 2018 was a very successful year for business in Slovenia. More than 146.196 companies were active in 2018 and they generated 102,4 billion EUR revenues from sales. This is 7,5% more than for the same time in 2017. The companies also generated 24,1 billion EUR of added value, which is 7,0% more than in 2017. Additionally, the analysis noticed a growth in employment and self-employment in Slovenia. In comparison to 2017, the employment growth was at 4,2%. Mostly the employment rates improved in the field of construction (8,3%) and in the field of purchasing and renting real estate (8,5%).

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Analysis of growth of revenue for 2018 in Slovenia, EU

In the industry sector, more than 21.607 companies were active. More than 91,2% of them registered manufacturing activities. It also employed more than 4,2% of employees than in 2017. This analysis also states that most of these companies were engaged in producing metal products, electronics and motor vehicles. Companies dealing with pharmaceuticals and metal products also generated the most added values.

The analysis also states that in comparison with 2017, there were more than 552 companies active in the field of construction. They generated over 6 billion EUR of income and had the most advanced growth within all of the fields in this analysis (22,9%).

Also trading companies generated 8,5% more revenue than in 2017, even though there were less companies active in this field. The size of those companies was mostly micro companies with less than 9 employees.

According to this analysis, other service-based companies increased their income by 7,9% in comparison to 2017. The growth was the most visible in companies engaging with professional, scientific and technical fields (9,6%). Additional to them, there has also been an increase of revenue for transportation and storage companies (9,3%), real estate companies (8,9%) and hospitality business (7,9%). IT services experienced a 3,7% growth.

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