5 areas of business opportunities for entrepreneurs

Business opportunities in Slovenia

5 areas of business opportunities for entrepreneurs

At Data VEM point we register new companies on a daily basis. In which five areas entrepreneurs have most recently detected business opportunities?

Do not hesitate if you are tempted to start a business. The beginning of the calendar year is definitely the right time to enter into entrepreneurship. Why? There are 5 good reasons! In DATA, however, we are available to you for any questions. Contact us at data@data.si or call us at 00386 1 6006 270.

Business opportunities in Slovenia

1. Body care

Entrepreneurs who choose to establish a business at Data often select various activities related to body care for their business. Thus, they are among the most frequently registered activities:
• 96.022 Cosmetic and pedicure activities
• 96.040 Body care activities

You need to choose them if, for example, you want to deal with a pedicure, a manicure, or if you would like to have a massage salon.

2. Sports activities

Various guided exercises, fitness centers, running events and other sports and recreational events are well-attended. It is therefore not surprising that there is an increasing demand for personal trainers, mountain guides and health food consultants. If you like sport activities, there are various business opportunities for you. Register company and perform one of the following activities:
• 85.510 Education, training and training in the field of sport and recreation
• 93.190 Other sports activities

3. IT services

Also, setting up a company that offers a variety of IT services can be a good business opportunity. Today, we are witnessing an exceptional advancement of information technology (IT), which has a strong impact on our everyday lives. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are involved in programming and designing websites. At our VEM point you can register:
• 62.010 Computer Programming
• 63.120 Operation of web portals

4. Renting real estate

An excellent source of additional earnings is renting real estate. You can do this activity only occasionally, for which you have to register as an attendee, but you can open a company for this purpose. For that you will have to register:
• 55.203 Renting private rooms for guests
• 68.200 Renting and operating of own or leased real estate
• 68.100 Trading in own real estate

5. Online sales of different products

Online sales are almost always required for every entrepreneur if, of course, this is possible, depending on the nature of his products. Therefore, almost every fresh entrepreneur chooses the activity 47.910 Retail businesses by mail or via the Internet.

Even if you do not have an online store, you can sell through social networks. This is distance selling, for which you must also meet all the prescribed conditions.

Business opportunities – Contact us!

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