Electronic signature in Slovenia/EU: useful tool for remote work

Electronic signature in SloveniaEU useful tool for remote work

An electronic signature is a replacement for a handwritten signature. You can use it for online business. With it, you can verify the authenticity of the data and the visibility of the person who signed it. It helps to streamline and digitize both the personal and business processes in the company. This makes business in Europe even more simple.

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Benefits of using an electronic signature in a company

Each contract must be signed, be it a sales contract or any other type of contract. Electronically signed documents do not need to be printed and then scanned and loaded. Documents which you sign in e-form you can also store in e-form. Another benefit of doing business in e-form is also in saving time. You can send e-signed documents by e-mail to a customer or a business partner. This was you can arrange the signing of the contract in just 10 minutes.

Also all internal documents in the company that require signing, e.g. approval of holiday leave or sick leave, get a new dimension with e-signing.

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What is a secure electronic signature?

An e-signature is secure when it meets the criteria below:

  • you link it only to the signatory,
  • it is undeniable from which the signatory is
  • you create it by means of secure e-signing, which are under the control of just the signatory,
  • it is linked to the data to which it relates. This way, any change to or link to that data is noticeable.

The Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act (ZEPEP) regulates this. Our legal experts can explain how you may benefit from the electronic signature.

How can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

An electronic signature can be used instead of a handwritten signature

A secure e-signature certified by a qualified certificate has the same use as a handwritten signature. An e-signature is still valid, even in e-form. It also does not have to have a basis on a qualified certificate. Also, it is valid even if it is not designed with a secure electronic signature.

A digital certificate provides the security in the electronic conclusion of contracts. It is a key element of safe e-signing.

Slovenia recognizes the following qualified digital certificates: SIGOV-CA, SIGEN-CA, POŠTA®CA, HALCOM-CA, AC NLB.

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