Timing related to company registration in Slovenia

Timing related to company registration in Slovenia

When starting a business in Europe, one of the most important questions to answer is the timing. How much time does each process of company registration take when an entrepreneur engages in company registration in Slovenia? We will be addressing the timing in this article.

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Timing of company registration – Slovenian tax numbers

When registering an LTD company, all shareholders and representatives have to obtain a Slovenian tax number. You can obtain it personally at the Slovenian Tax Office. Additionally, it is possible that you authorize another person to obtain it on your behalf. After submitting the application, the timing of obtaining the tax number is around 8 days.

Timing of company registration – act of establishment

Company registration requires you to sign the act of establishment. Both shareholder and representative need to personally come to Slovenia to sign it. It is possible to sign the act at any licensed VEM point in Slovenia. Data d.o.o. is also such a licensed VEM point where we can prepare the act of establishment. The process of preparation of the act of establishment is done through an online portal and the timing of preparing it is around 1 hour. After finishing the preparation, the consultant will issue the act of establishment which is the fundamental document for your company in Slovenia

Timing of company registration – depositing share capital

Registering an LTD company requires you to deposit the 7500€ share capital. When you open the temporary bank account for the company, you can do the deposit. If you deposit it in cash, the bank immediately issues the confirmation which is a mandatory document when registering the company. Should you decide to transfer the capital through your personal bank account, the timing of the transfer can take up to 5 days, depending in which country you have your personal bank account. Only when the funds reach the account, the bank can issue the confirmation of the deposit. You need to return the confirmation to the VEM point where they prepared your act of establishment. The timing during which you have to deposit the share capital is 14 days from the moment you sign the act of establishment at the VEM point.

Final step – court decree of company registration

When you have deposited the founding capital and received the confirmation of the bank, the consultant at the VEM point can submit the application for company registration to court. The timing for the court to reach a decision is between 3 to 7 business days. Afterwards the court issues a decree that the company is officially registered.

With this document, the representative can return to the bank to activate the permanent bank account. The timing of the activation is usually in the same day but it requires the representative’s presence in the bank in Slovenia.

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