How does a foreigner obtain a Slovenian tax number?

How does a foreigner obtain a Slovenian tax number?

Foreigners need a Slovenian tax number for multiple purposes. Those include opening a bank account, buying real estate and also for starting a business in Slovenia. Namely, company registration requires that all shareholders and representatives obtain a Slovenian tax number before the procedure.

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How does a foreigner obtain a Slovenian tax number?

A foreigner has to apply for the Slovenian tax number at the Slovenian tax office. You can submit the application in person or you can send it by post. Also, you can authorize another person to obtain the tax number on your behalf by signing a power-of-attorney. To obtain it you need to fill out a form called DR-02 with your personal information. You also need to attach the application with a scan of your passport and your tax number from the country where you are tax resident.

After submitting the application, the tax office will issue a certificate for the Slovenian tax number within 8 days. They will send you the document on the address you have provided within the application.

Does having a tax number automatically mean that you become tax resident of Slovenia?

Foreigners often worry that having a tax number in Slovenia automatically means that they become tax residents of the country. This is in fact not the case. You can apply for tax residence after living in Slovenia for more than 183 days in a calendar year. Having a tax number is only necessary for doing financial operations in Slovenia, like opening a bank account, receiving salary or making purchases of property. It is also the required documents that foreigners need when they register an LTD company in Slovenia.

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