Transport company in Slovenia – Business immigration to EU

Transport company in Slovenia

Transport company in Slovenia – Business immigration to EU

Transport company in Slovenia is a great option for expanding your transport business to the EU.  Having said that, this industry is heavily regulated. So, if you are planing to launch your business in the EU, here is what you need to know.


Registering a transport company

If you want to set up a transport business in Slovenia, it has to be a LTD company. Branch office is not one of your options. Founder can be a physical or a business entity. To register a LTD company you need to have a share capital. What kind of money are we talking about? It depends on what kind of vehicles you intend to use. For vehicles up to 3,5 tons in weight, you need 7500,00 euro of share capital. For vehicles which weigh more than 3,5 tons, your share capital has to be 9000,00 euro for first and 5000,00 euro for every next vehicle. Also, in case you intend to use vehicles up to 3,5 tons it is not necessary to register a transport company. You can choose another business activity.

Get your transport licence in Slovenia

To open a transport company in Slovenia you must have a local business address. You neither have it, nor you know where to get it? Not a problem. You can use our virtual office and you will have a business address and a secretary with us.


Transport licence

If you want to expand your business to EU market, your company will probably need a transport licence. There are some exceptions, though. In case you are operating with vehicles up to 2,5 tons, you actually don’t need it. But if you plan to use vehicles heavier than that, you do, and here are the conditions you need to meet to get it:

  • your Slovenian company has to register at least one vehicle;
  • your office has to be at least 10 square meters in size if you have up to 4 vehicles;
  • one of your employes or CEO has to have an EU transport manager certificate;


Work and residence permits

Your newfouned transport company in Slovenia can employ some workers right away. Those who have the EU citizenship and foreigners who have a valid Single work and residence permit in Slovenia are in that category. For everyone else, even for a founder and CEO of the company, you need to apply for Single work and residence permit.  In order to be able to do that, you must fulfill one of these conditions:

  • your new transport company in Slovenia has to invest minimum 50.000,00 euro in fixed assets;
  • you have to employ at least one EU citizen for a full time, for a period of at least 6 months;
  • you have to have transactions on your Slovenian bank account that amount to minumum 10.000 euro for six consecutive months;

Use our salary calculator!

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