Company type in Slovenia – differences between s.p. and ltd

Company type in Slovenia - differences between s.p. and ltd

Do you want to open a company in Slovenia, but you are not sure which company type is best for you? There are two types you can choose. Those are s.p. (sole proprietorship) and ltd (limited liability company). This article will explore the differences between them. Do you want to know more about the company registration procedure? Don’t wait! Call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and start the process today! Also you can also write us at We will be happy to help you!

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Initial capital for s.p. and ltd – what are the differences?

In essence, you don’t need initial capital for registration of s.p. However, you do need for an Ltd company. Also, in that case, the shareholder(s) must prepare a share capital of minimum EUR 7.500. Moreover, the differences between an s.p. and a Ltd. also lie in the legal-form. An S.p. is a natural person carrying out an activity. On the other hand, a limited company is a legal person. Which of the company type suits your business idea? Also, do you have a business idea and want to know more about business in Slovenia? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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What about taxation?

Besides capital, there are some differences in taxation in the two company type. What are they? Also, what applies to the taxation of an s.p.? Basically, there are two choices. It can be a deductible s.p. or it will be taxed by claiming actual costs. Also, in this case, the s.p. is taxed according to the income tax scale. However, the taxation of an Ltd is generally calculated on the profits of the company – at a rate of 19%. This is the rate of corporation tax. Also, there is also the option of a deductible Ltd. In general, the Slovenian tax system can be complex. But don’t worry! Also, no matter which one of the company type you choose, we at DATA have professional tax advisors that can guide you through the whole process!

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The question of liability

For many people, the important differences between a sole proprietorship and a limited liability company are liability. In principle, the liability of an s.p. is personal. This means that it is liable for its obligations with all its assets. Also, as a rule, the partners in a limited liability company are liable only up to the amount of their contribution. Also, this means that they are not liable with their personal assets. Which company type suits your business plan? Also, do you find this helpful?

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What are the other differences between a sole proprietorship and a limited company?

Let’s look at some of the differences between a s.p. and ltd.

S.p. Ltd
Bookkeeping Deductible expenses; simple or double-entry bookkeeping Deductible expenses or double-entry bookkeeping
Cash in the business account Free cash available Limited cash availability
Salary Has no salary (profit is salary); salary is therefore not an expense Has a salary and remits it to itself (salary is an expense)


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Why choose DATA?

As we have shown, there are some fundamental differences between s.p. and ltd. Also, whichever you choose, Slovenia offers great business advantages! Do you know them? Also, with our help, you can open your suitable company type in no time! Our experts provide quality business, legal, and tax services! Schedule a meeting today and start migrate your business here! Last but not least, do you want to follow the latest updates on business in Slovenia? Then follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!

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