Living in Slovenia through business immigration

Living in Slovenia through business immigration

We have previously presented Slovenia as a destination for business. There, we have explained all the positive aspects of doing business in Slovenia, popular business activities and economy in general. But foreign entrepreneurs frequently decide that in addition to opening a company in Slovenia, they also want to relocate here and oversee the business themselves on-site. Hence, it is also important to evaluate the aspects of living in Slovenia before making a decision in which country you plan to do business in Europe.

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Geographical position of Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the smallest central European countries. It is located next to Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Italy. But despite its small size, it provides very diverse natural conditions. On the South-west it has access to international sea, on the North-west it has Julian Alps. In the East, there are flatlands for agriculture and vineyards and right in the middle there is Ljubljana-the capital. Additionally, it is the 3rd most forested country in Europe. Also, it provides access to 7,500 freshwater springs, including therapeutic mineral springs.

These kinds of conditions generate diverse possibilities for developing business as well as living here. It is possible to engage in winter and summer tourism, cultivate crops and export Slovenian products abroad.

History of Slovenia

Slovenia gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Since then it has economically developed very quickly and was able to become part of the European Union in 2004 – in a little over 10 years from gaining independence. Also, it became part of the Schengen zone in 2007. This enabled easy travel as well as improved import and export within Europe in regards to customs clearance.

There are around 2 million inhabitants in Slovenia. Most of them live in central Slovenia, where the capital Ljubljana is also located. Ethnic Slovenes make up 83% of the population. The official language is Slovene. But due to its small size most of the population speaks an additional foreign language, in most cases English. As Slovenes are generally eager to learn foreign languages, a good business opportunity would be to open a language school in Slovenia when living here.

Living in Slovenia

In addition to offering great business opportunities that you can develop by expanding your business here, Slovenia is one of the safest EU countries to live in. Crime rate is very low and people genuinely feel safe when living here. Outside of business, Slovenia also offers good options for education and spending pastime.

Due to its diverse natural conditions it offers opportunities for skiing in the mountains, swimming at the seaside and enjoying the tranquility of the forests and springs in the countryside. When living here, you can either engage in those activities yourself or offer your services in those areas, like opening a restaurant with ethnic cuisine, opening a clothing store or gift store as well as a spa center in the areas that have thermal spring water in abundance.

Slovenia has a developed healthcare system which offers basic assistance to all residents. So, if you are employed in Slovenia through business immigration, you have basic medical insurance covered and access to public health care.

Primary and secondary public education is free of charge in Slovenia. The same goes for foreign children, who enroll in public schools. The courses are taught in Slovenian language with some schools offering after-hours support for foreigners. You can also enroll your children in private schools that are taught in foreign languages but they are a subject of tuition. There are also private kindergartens for pre-school children where the courses are in foreign languages, so it is also a good business opportunity to open your own kindergarten.

Open a company in Slovenia and start living here through business immigration!

Business immigration always starts with the first step – company registration. As we understand that bureaucratic procedures can sometimes pose obstacles for foreigners, we at Data d.o.o. make it our mission to assist foreigners from A to Z.

Our legal advisors can help you to understand the possibilities of business immigration and the conditions of living in Slovenia.

We can also assist you in company registration by obtaining the necessary documents and providing registration services at our licensed VEM point.

Data d.o.o. has a professional group of accountants. They make sure your company’s business is up to par with the Slovenian accountancy standards.

If your company requires a business address, we can provide services of virtual office.

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