Remuneration from employment relationships – find out more

Remuneration from employment relationships - find out more

Remuneration from employment is part of the Employment Relations Act (ZDR-1). Collective agreements determine some remunerations at the level of activities and also in acts with employers. For certain benefits, the ZDR-1 does not specify when, under what conditions, and also at what amounts the remuneration must be paid to employees. It rather refers to collective agreements. For example, seniority allowance is also mandatory according to the ZDR-1. However, collective agreements determine its amount. If the employer is not bound by any collective agreement of activity, the amount of the allowance still needs to be determined. In that case, the employer also determines the seniority allowance in his acts. What are the individual types of benefits?

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Pay for work consists of salaries and also other types of payments

Article 126 of ZDR-1 provides that remuneration under the employment contract consists of salaries and also any other types of remuneration. Regarding the salary, the employer must also comply with the minimum salary laid down by law or collective agreement. That directly binds the employer. The salary consists of a basic salary, part of the salary for performance and bonuses, as well as also remuneration for business performance if agreed by a collective or employment contract.

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What are the benefits we know?

We know the basic salary (work pay), other personal remuneration, reimbursement of labour-related expenses, and also salary compensation.


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What benefits does work pay cover?

  • basic salary
  • part of the salary for performance
  • payment for business performance
  • allowances (from working time such as night, overtime, Sunday, holidays; workloads; adverse environmental effects; risks at work; seniority)

Other personal remuneration benefits:

  • annual holiday allowance
  • severance pay


Benefits related to recompensation of labor-related costs

  • Meal allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • Work-related trips


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Benefits related to salary compensation

  • annual leave
  • force majeure
  • Disease
  • Occupational disease
  • parental leave
  • finding a new job, etc.


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