Addition for seniority and other wage allowances

Addition for seniority and other wage allowances

Every person in working relationship has the right to receive the payment for the work done, which must consist of a salary in cash. The employer must consider the minimum salary. Every employee has to receive at least the minimum wage. In Slovenia the minimum salary currently reaches 842,79 eur gross. The salary, however, consists of the basic salary, part of the wages for work performance and wage allowances. One of them is an addition for seniority.

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Wage allowances on a monthly basis

The employer has to pay his worker wage allowances for special working conditions accourding from the allocation of working time. In the Employment Relationships Act (ZDR-1) you can find the following wage allowances for work in a less favorable time:

  • for night work;
  • overtime work;
  • for work on Sundays;
  • for work on holidays and work on free days according to the law.

The amount of wage allowances is determined by collective agreement at the activity level. Wage allowances for work on Sundays and work on holidays are mutually exclusive. It is also important that the employer calculates wage allowances only for the time when the worker was working under the conditions for which the allowance belongs to him.

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Addition for seniority

In addition, an employee has the right to reimbursement of work-related costs. He is entitled to reimbursement of expenses for food during work, transportation to and of work and other reimbursement of costs in the performance of his duties and tasks on a business trip (Article 130 ZDR-1).

The worker also have to receive addition for seniority. The collective agreement at the activity level has to determine it.

If there is no collective agreement, the employer must determine it in internal acts or with agreement the amount of the addition for seniority. Our legal advisors can assist you in preparing internal acts. Check the legal advice offer and also read the contribution on compulsory company internal documents.

Typically, employers have collective agreements. In this way, they determine the comparison of the amount of the addition for seniority.

Christmas bonus and allowance for annual leave

According to ZDR-1, the pay for work performance is defined as an integral part of the salary, if so agreed with a collective agreement or employment contract. The payments for work performance, in practice, also includes the 13th salary, Christmas bonus and other annual prizes. In this year, payments of these prizes will be exempt from personal income tax up to the average salary in Slovenia.

An annual holiday allowance is a salary allowance that belongs to an employee who is employed on a regular basis for at least one full month.

The employee has the right to the allowance for annual leave in the same proportion as he has the right to annual leave, which depends on the time when he started his employment. So, if someone has a vacation for 3 months, he also must receive a 3 month allowance for annual leave.

The amount of the allowance for annual leave is statutory – it must be equal to at least the minimum wage. Every year employers have to pay the allowance for annual leave by 30 June.

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