Distinctions between company types in Slovenia, EU

Distinctions between company types in Slovenia, EU

Are you a foreigner who is looking to start a business in Europe? You can consider Slovenia as one of the possible destinations of your future business conduct. Sometimes, foreigners do not know what kind of company type they can establish in Slovenia. Hence, we have decided to explain the distinctions between the company types to make your decision of company registration easier.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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What company types can you establish in Slovenia, EU?

As a foreign entrepreneur, you have several options when it comes to company registration, depending on your previous business experience. First-time entrepreneurs can opt to register an LTD company. But if you have had previous experience in business, you can also register a subsidiary or a branch office.

Distinctions between LTD and subsidiary

Both types are an LTD form company. This is a private company limited by shares. The distinction between them is that a normal LTD company has natural persons as shareholders. But in case of the subsidiary, the owner of the company is a foreign legal entity. In both cases, the minimal founding capital is 7.500€. But the distinction is that with the normal LTD, the natural person provides the capital, while in case of a subsidiary, the parent company has to transfer the capital from the corporate bank account.

Both types can register various business activities within and can do business independently.

Distinctions between subsidiary and branch office

Both in the case of the subsidiary as well as with the branch office, the owner of the new company is a foreign legal entity. But in case of branch office, the new entity is not independent and is only a part of the parent company. Another distinction is that the branch office does not require founding capital in the process of registration. In case of the subsidiary, it can pursue any business activity while the branch office is limited to providing only those services that the parent company also has registered. One of the major distinctions is also, that the subsidiary requires personal presence of the shareholders and representatives in Slovenia for company registration. But the branch office is established at the notary and can be registered based on authorization.

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