Safety at work in Slovenia/EU: obligations of all employers

Safety at work in SloveniaEU obligations of all employers

Safety at work is the training that each employee who works in a LTD company or works as a sole trader and does business in Slovenia has to pass. You should do the training before starting work. You and your employees can also do this training at DATA d.o.o.

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Safety at work training is in form of a webinar during the pandemic

Like all other seminars of our company, the seminar on safety at work has moved to online form. The seminar is held  regularly, via the Zoom application. You can write to us to to arrange the safety at work webinar also in English language.

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When does an worker have to pass safety at work training?

The employer has to make sure that the level of safety and health at work provides the worker with the greatest possible health and psychophysical safety. An employed person has to pass safety at work training before starting his or her work. Taking into account the danger of work and the probability of injury, you have to state the frequency of the test. It is carried out as often as the risk assessment deems it is needed. The employer is also required to perform a written risk assessment and, in the event of failure to do so, may be fined. The law requires the employer to provide training for workers during work hours, as well as to provide them with free training. The period for repeating the tests must be at least every 2 years.

Does the sole trader also have to pass the safety at work training?

Self-employed people who are not employers are responsible for their own protection and health at work. Although the Law on Safety and Health at Work (ZVZD-1) does not explicitly state that a self-employed person must undergo this training and pass a medical check-up. But in spite of that, in certain situations it can be a problem for the self-employed as well. If you do not complete safety at work and health training it can also lead to liability to third parties in some situations.

How can you obtain an EU Blue Card in Slovenia/EU?

Medical examination by medical staff

In addition to participating in the safety at work and health training, the employer must send the workers to a medical check-up and perform, where needed, the risk assessment. All of the above applies to employees through service or copyright contracts, student work, as well as through other legal and formal types of employment.

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