EU Blue card in Slovenia: how to obtain it?

EU Blue card in Slovenia how to obtain it

EU Blue card in Slovenia: what is it?

Many business people who do business in Europe also plan to apply for some type of residence permit. This would allow them to live here in addition to doing the business. One of the permit types is also a blue card. What is it? Did you know that you can also obtain a EU blue card in Slovenia? Learn how!

The EU Blue Card gives highly qualified experts the right to work and stay in the Republic of Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can apply for it. Those who want to stay in the Republic of Slovenia due to highly qualified employment do not need a work permit and then a residence permit. They or their employer can apply for a blue card, which combines them both.

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EU Blue Card – what is highly qualified employment?

Highly qualified employment is the work of a citizen of a country, which is not a member of the EU, who has the required and special knowledge. It has to be confirmed by evidence of higher education and the worker has to receive a specific salary. He or she must have at least a Bachelor’s degree. In addition, the employer must give him or her a salary at least 1.5x higher than the average annual gross salary in Slovenia.

The adequacy of at least higher education is proven by a decision or opinion of the competent institution of the Republic of Slovenia.

The EU blue card in Slovenia is issued by the administrative unit. In the process, the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia gives its consent.

Conditions for issuing an EU blue card:

  • Valid passport
  • Health insurance
  • Consent of the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia.

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Where can you get the right proof of education?

You can apply for the EU Blue Card in Slovenia if you also have the correct education. It can be education that you did abroad, but you need to have it checked in Slovenia. To check it, you need to provide the proof below:

  • Data on the placement of foreign education in the education system in the country of origin. This is needed to compare the education level.
  • In order for a foreigner to prove that his / her level of education is high enough, an opinion of the competent body in Slovenia for the recognition of education must be made.
  • In Slovenia, the ENIC-NARIC center issues those opinions.

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Getting an EU blue card – family reunification

Do you also plan to bring your family to Europe? When they get a classic work and residence permit, non-EU citizens, must wait at least two years. They can then apply for permit for their family members. The EU Blue Card in Slovenia gives a big advantage in the family reunification. It allows him or her to apply for a residence permit for the family members as soon as he or she obtains the permit.

They can apply for their spouse and for the children who are minors.

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