Life in Slovenia for foreign entrepreneurs

Life in Slovenia for foreign entrepreneurs

In the past years, Slovenia has become a safe haven for entrepreneurs. Many of them have started their business in Slovenia but also decided to move here to oversee the business. What attracts foreign entrepreneurs to relocate to Slovenia? We are explaining why many decide for a life in Slovenia after starting a business here as well.

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Basic information on Slovenia

Slovenia is a central European country. Its location is right next to Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia. Even though it is a small country, it offers good options for life due to favorable climate and geographical position. Within the small area, it has mountains in one part and seaside in the other. It also has lots of plains where you can engage in agriculture and winegrowing. Slovenia became part of the EU in 2004 and entered the Schengen zone in 2007. Like many EU countries, it uses EURO as the currency. The majority of the population speaks additional foreign languages, especially English is very widespread.

Why is Slovenia considered one of the best countries to live in?

Locals and foreigners are in awe about life in Slovenia mainly due to its natural characteristics. In a very small place, the country offers natural beauty of the Julian Alps, with the popular Lake Bled in the center. Here, tourism is present not only in the winter, but all year around. In the South Western part of Slovenia, you can find the coast with entrance to the Adriatic Sea. The Eastern regions have flatlands which are terrific for farming and winegrowing, but it is also an area which offers peaceful life for those who want to steer clear of the bustle of the city life.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and located right in the center of the country. Many foreigners choose this city for their life in Slovenia due to the fact that even though it is the largest town in Slovenia, it still only has less than 300.000 inhabitants and is therefore a peaceful place to live. In Ljubljana, tourism has developed over the last 15 years and it also became the business center of the country, with all appropriate infrastructure.

Slovenia also strives for the green initiative and is hence a very clean country with high sustainability goals. It is the 3rd most forested country in Europe where people resort to less polluted options for transport, mainly bikes and public transport. All these advantages do not only make life in Slovenia pleasant but also offer great possibilities for developing business.

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Advantages of life in Slovenia

In addition to the abovementioned benefits, life in Slovenia offers even more advantages. One of the most well-known advantages is universal health care. It is available for all residents in Slovenia and basic medical insurance is covered within the person’s full-time salary. Even in times during the coronavirus outbreak, it was proven that Slovenia had the right response to it and the health care system was able to take care of all patients without putting too much strain on the system.  This way, life got back to normal soon and the epidemic was called off less than 2 months after it began.

But health care is not the only advantage of life in Slovenia. The other one is education. Public primary and secondary education are free of charge for everyone, regardless if they are citizens, temporary or long-term residents of Slovenia. University education is free of charge for permanent residents and the education is considered one of the best in Europe, as the students rank very highly with their qualifications. Slovenia also offer very good private schools, where students can learn in English or French language.

Slovenia is also one of the safest countries in the world, with very low crime rate.

Life in Slovenia – good country for doing business

In addition to good personal advantages for life in Slovenia, the country is also ranking high for safety in doing business. Here, foreigners can open an LTD company without prior residence here. With a company in Slovenia, you can do business with any company located in the EU and the world. The international port in Koper also offers excellent possibilities for import and export directly to the country.

In Slovenia, it is possible to start a life based on having a company. It is called business immigration and the conditions of obtaining work and residence permit for foreigners with a company in Slovenia are one of the most-straight forward ones in Europe.

Even after coronavirus outbreak, Slovenia got excellent reviews from the European Commission in regards to the response to the pandemic. The EU Commission foresees economic growth for the year 2021.

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