Registration of a company in Slovenia, EU

Registration of a company in Slovenia, EU

If you have been thinking about opening or expanding your business, you can include Slovenia in your options. Its good business environment and economic standing make it an excellent option for foreign entrepreneurs to do their company registration here instead of other EU countries.

Registration of a company in Slovenia, EU – choose Slovenia to open or expand your business

If you have been deciding on a location to which you want to expand your business to, consider Slovenia. Its location in central Europe give it a good location for a business hub. It also has access to an international port and good highway and airway connection to other parts of Europe.

Slovenia has been a part of the EU since 2004 and a part of the Schengen zone since 2007. Both of these facts make it a good option for business in Europe as offering services and goods to other EU member states is easier and without borders.

Low corporate income tax (19%) and good possibilities for business immigration make Slovenia a popular choice for foreigners who are considering company registration in Europe.

Registration of a company in Slovenia, EU – opening a new company

Even if you have no prior experience with your own business, Slovenia offers you the possibility to open an entirely new company and start your business path here.

All non-EU citizens can do LTD company registration as natural persons. It requires founding capital 7.500€, which you can later use for business expenses.

You would have to travel to Slovenia to do company registration and opening of the bank account. You would have to remain in Slovenia for 14 days to finalize the process. In addition to 7.500€ founding capital you would need to provide a Slovenian tax number, valid passports and a business address in Slovenia.

Registration of a company in Slovenia, EU – opening a subsidiary in Slovenia

If you have had experience with running your own company abroad, you can use it to your advantage by establishing a subsidiary or a branch in Slovenia.

A subsidiary is also a LTD company where the shareholder is another legal entity. Subsidiary registration would also require that the representatives visit Slovenia to finalize the process. They would have to remain in Slovenia for about 14 days. The founding capital is 7.500€ as well but has to be transferred from the corporate bank account of the parent company. In addition to the founding capital, Slovenian tax numbers and business address in Slovenia, you would also have to provide a dully attested extract from the business registry of the parent company, which has a transaltion to Slovene language.

Registration of a company in Slovenia, EU – registering a branch office

When having an existing company abroad, you can also opt for branch registration in Slovenia. A branch office is not a separate legal entity in Slovenia and therefore does not require founding capital. It has to be registered at the notary buy the registration can be processed based on power-of-attorney, so physical presence of the representatives is not required.

As it is not a separate legal entity, you would have to include its business conduct in the financial report of the parent company. When performing branch registration, you need to provide from the parent company: financial report for the previous year, extract from the business registry and act of establishment. All documents require appropriate attestation and translation to Slovene language.

Additionally, you need to obtain the Slovenian tax number for all representatives and for the parent company. You also have to sign a decree about branch registration and appoint a representative for the branch in Slovenia. The branch registration is complete in about 14 days from submitting the documents to the notary. For a branch office, it is not mandatory to have a corporate bank account in Slovenia.

Registration of a company in Slovenia, EU with the assistance of Data!

If you have decided for company registration in Slovenia, Data would be happy to offer you full support. We can assist you to obtain all the documents for company registration. You can also register the new LTD and subsidiary at our One-Stop Shop (VEM/SPOT point) free of charge. We can also assist you to register the branch at the notary.

We provide accountancy services and tax consultation to all company types in Slovenia. Data also has its own legal department which can assist you to better understand Slovenian legislation.

Should your company require a business address, we can offer services of virtual office.

If you have additional questions about company registration in Slovenia, you can write to us on our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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