Opening a company and investing in Slovenia

Opening a company and investing in Slovenia

Opening a company and investing in Slovenia

Opening a company and investing in Slovenia is the best and fastest way to start actively operating. And obtain work and residence permits in Slovenia for yourself. Also for foreign nationals you want to employ in your company. With the investment in Slovenia, you show that you are actively operating. And you can also look for staff for employment outside the EU. The most common forms of companies in Slovenia that foreign entrepreneurs open are three. Those are limited liability companies, a subsidiary or a branch.

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Buying real estate as an investment

Foreign citizens in Slovenia cannot buy real estate in Slovenia as natural persons. But that is why they have the opportunity for their company which was opened in Slovenia. To be the owner of the property. You can use the business facility as a business office or use it for another business purpose.  DATA company can help you and answer all your questions. We will give all answers about what you need to open a company in Slovenia. Our consultants can offer you full help.

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The company as the owner of the property

Starting a business and investing in real estate opens up various options for the entrepreneur. In addition to using a business address, an entrepreneur can rent business space to other companies that need business space. The company can also buy residential real estate. Which it can then also rent to individuals. We also provide virtual office services. So, what is a virtual office? Do you also need office space? Do you also know that you can have this in one place?

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Opening a company and investing in Slovenia – employment

Investing in Slovenia is not only a great business opportunity. It also allows you to start hiring foreign nationals in your company. And only after registering the company. When you make an investment, you can start the procedures for obtaining work and residence permits. That is for you and for the people you want to hire.

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