Opening an import export company in Slovenia

Opening an import export company in Slovenia

Many entrepreneurs who decide to start their business in Europe, engage in diferent kinds of trading. Opening an import export company in Slovenia is very easy. It is very interesting for all businessman who want to offer their products in the EU. Opening an import export company in Slovenia will give you an excess to EU market. So, if you are thinking about making that step, keep on reading the article.

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How to open a company in Slovenia

The registration of  an LTD company requires a minimum initial capital of 7,500 euros. Good thing is, you can use it later on to cover expenses, salaries and other costs. Besides that, in the proces of opening an import export company, you must obtain a Slovenian tax number. Further you need a business address bank account. When you have an existing company, you can start to employ EU citizens. You can also employ foreigners under certain conditions. They must have a work and residence permit in Slovenia.

To employ non-EU citizens, they must first obtain a work and residence permit. Applying for it is possible by fulfilling one of the conditions of active business conduct. There are three options how to achieve it:

  • Firstly, you can make an investment of 50.000 € in fixed assets of the company,
  • secondly, an employment of at least one EU person for 6 months or
  • turnover in the amount of 10,000 € for 6 months in a row

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VAT number

An import export company that wants to invoice companies in the EU must enter the VAT system. You do not get a VAT number automatically when you open a company. If you want to enter the VAT system, you must prove that you plan to do business on an active basis. This proof can be: contracts with clients from Slovenia and the EU, pre-contracts, business plans, letters of intent, lease contracts for business premises. It takes 30 days to obtain the VAT number from the day when the tax office receives all the documents.

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