Self employed in Slovenia/EU: 3 ways to become a sole trader

Self employed in Slovenia EU

Self employed in Slovenia/EU: how can you become a sole trader?

You can become self employed in Slovenia by registering as a sole trader. This way you can provide your services to clients and do business in Europe. There are many reasons to reach a decision to become a sole trader. It can be wanting to try out a good business idea or changing long-term hobbies to a business. Other reasons for opening can be an agreement with a potential employer. As becoming self employed through sole trader carries certain risk, it is possible to start your own business path in addition to regular employment.

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Can foreigners become self employed in Slovenia?

If you are an EU citizen, you can become self employed by opening a sole trader business without having to live in Slovenia before that. If you are not an EU citizen, then you can only become a sole trader only when you have been living in Slovenia at least 1 year. You would also have to change your residence permit. You can learn more about the procedures in our updates on  Facebook and Instagram.

How to obtain EU Blue Card in Slovenia/EU?

Self employed in Slovenia – three options

You can become self employed in Slovenia in one of three ways. It depends on the status of the insurance of the person who becomes the sole trader.

Sole trader as a complementary activity

The complementary business activity or “afternoon s.p.” can be opened by an individual who is regularly employed full-time by an employer. It also means that you would only be paying flat-rate contributions. This enables you to earn some extra money in addition to regular employment. Foreigners can open an “afternoon s.p.” if they have permanent residence permit or personal work permit in Slovenia.

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Self employed in Slovenia – regular s.p.

If you are not employed for full time, you can also become self employed in Slovenia by opening a regular s.p. It means that you will become employed in your own s.p. and start paying the social contributions. This way, you would also have basic medical insurance and the time that you work through the s.p. would count towards the years of services for the pension.

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Opening an s.p. and payment of insurance hours until full insurance

A third option for opening a s.p. is that an individual who is 80% employed in a company and wants to become a sole trader, in the process of registering s.p. applies for insurance for the remaining time, which is missing until full insurance. It means that 80% of working time is 32 hours, up to 40 hours of insurance is missing 8 hours, which the individual will pay as a sole trader.

What do you need to become self-employed in Slovenia?

The process of opening an s.p is a free procedure which you can also do at our VEM/SPOT point. It makes sense to gather as much data about the process as possible before the registration. Our legal advisors will be happy to help you here.

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