Salary expense for an employee in your company in Slovenia/EU

Salary expense for an employee in your company in SloveniaEU

Salary expense for an employee in your company in Slovenia – what are the costs that you can also expect?

If you will be doing business in Europe you will also most likely have workers in your company. As planning expenses is very important when opening a company in Slovenia, we will assess the salary expense which you can expect for your employees in Slovenia. This means the amount the company must pay when the employee’s salary is paid. Benefits and contributions are prescribed by law, so this is a fixed salary cost.

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Employing a new worker

Employers also gain a lot from new workers, as they have more options for the development and growth of the company. In addition to other labor law obligations, new workers also increase  costs. The company must also have enough funds to cover the salary expense. For more useful tips, also follow us on our Facebook  and Instagram.

To clarify, there is the comparison of different gross salary bases (all costs are per month):

(all amounts are in EUR) Gross 38,20% (all contributions) the advance payment of income tax net salary the minimal supplements* payment to the worker as a result: the salary expense for the company
minimum wage in Slovenia 1.024,24 391,26 77,83 700,27 137,00 837,27 1.340,52
average wage in  Slovenia 1.994,67 761,96 257,33 1.296,52 137,00 1.433,52 2.452,81
above average wage in Slovenia 5.000,00 1.910,00 972,43 2.992,57 137,00 3.129,57 5.942,00
*meals 100 EUR, transport 37 EUR (monthly) as an extra salary expense

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Other payments to the worker

In addition to the salary expense, the employer must also pay the annual leave allowance each year for each worker. Also this is a cost to the company. It is set in the amount of the minimum wage, which is also 1,024.24 euros. Certain collective agreements may also demand for a higher amount.

The worker also can get other payments related to employment. It is usually a cost from business trips, education or in the last year also the use of own resources (due to work at home).

Other payments can also depend on the internal acts of the employer. They can also depend on the individual deals in the contracts.

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The salary expense and the impact it also has on profit or loss

The salary expense and other income from the work relationship can also affect the employer’s profit or loss. As a result, the tax base for calculating the income tax is also lower.

Below we also compare the salary expenses per year (taking into account the monthly data from the table above):

(all amounts are in EUR) the salary expense of the company the allowance for annual leave as a result: the yearly expense of the employer
minimum wage in Slovenia 16.086,24 1.050,00 17.136,24
average wage in  Slovenia 29.433,72 1.050,00 30.483,72
above average wage in Slovenia 71.304,00 1.050,00 72.354,00

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