Opportunity for business in Europe: choose Slovenia as your destination!

Opportunity for business in Europe choose Slovenia as your destination!

Slovenia has an economic system based on the free market. Currently, Slovenia has around 1,200 fast-growing companies, and a large share of them are export-oriented. What is the opportunity for business in Slovenia if you are a foreign citizen? What are the advantages of Slovenia as your business destination in Europe? In this article we are also presenting Slovenia as a great business destination in the EU!

Salary calculator in Slovenia/EU

Opportunity for business expansion – Slovenia is part of European connections

Slovenia is a member of the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, NATO and also other world organizations. In 2004, it also joined the European Union. In 2007, it became a member of the monetary union and adopted the common European currency, the EURO. All this gives you a great opportunity for business in Europe, if you set your base in Slovenia.

Slovenia as an economically developed country

In Slovenia, GDP per capita is EUR 23,165. Currently, Slovenia has around 1,200 fast-growing companies, and a lot of them are export-oriented. There are more and more companies engaged in online sales, this is already the case for every fifth company. Slovenia is above the EU average in terms of web use.

Pension in Slovenia/EU

Slovenia and the working population

In Slovenia, the minimum wage which employers must pay to employees is in the amount of EUR 1,024.24 gross. Slovenia has a working population of about one million. Currently the unemployment rate is only at around 5%. Our accountants can offer full support with salary calculation.

Opportunity for business in Slovenia: entrepreneurial incentives for companies

The Slovenian Enterprise Fund offers incentives for starting innovative companies, while the SPIRIT Agency offers opportunity for business operations and competition on international markets through financial incentives. Slovenia also offers employment subsidies to companies.

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Opportunity for business setup in Slovenia – company types

The forms of the companies in Slovenia are regulated by the Companies Act (ZGD-1). They are divided according to whether they are personal or capital companies. The personal companies are an unlimited liability company and a limited partnership. Capital companies include a limited liability company, a joint stock company, a limited partnership and a European joint stock company. Our legal team can also help you to choose the most suitable type for you.

Other forms of business setup in Slovenia

In Slovenia, you can also register as a sole trader. For certain areas, there are also options where you can perform the activity as a natural person – such as renting real estate.

Information on new construction in Slovenia/EU in 2020

Slovenia and opportunities for business activity – regulated activities

Upon establishment, each company must choose the activities according to the standard classification of activities 2008 (SKD), which it intends to perform. There are no special conditions for the establishment of a company, but there are certain conditions for some of the activities. Additional conditions are usually related to:

  • the existence of licenses (which includes the transport of goods),
  • trade permit and entry in the trade register (eg electrical installations and devices, hairdressing, construction of residential and non-residential buildings),
  • the permission of the agencies (eg to perform stockbroking it is necessary to obtain the permission of the Securities Market Agency),
  • obtaining a concession from the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (this is necessary for the activity of electricity distribution, organization of gambling services, …),
  • insured damage related to the performance of activities (construction of residential and non-residential buildings),
  • also employment of a person with a professional or vocational qualification (engineering activities).

However, there are a number of interesting and profitable activities where there are no special conditions for performing activities, including computer programming. This is also the case for renting real estate that you own.

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