Online sales in Slovenia – tips for improving the selling technique

Online sales in Slovenia – tips for improving the selling technique

Online sales in Slovenia have experienced a stable growth in the previous years. Due to the low initial expenses, it is also a good option for those entrepreneurs who are just starting up with their business in Europe. This article will include some useful advice in establishing good practice in communication between the company and the customer.

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Online sales in Slovenia – establishing the sales process

In order to improve the technique for online sales of your products or services, we are presenting 4 useful tips:

  1. Online sales are most effective when you set up a system to double-check the contents of outbound packages and invoices. This reduces the possibility of errors that cause dissatisfaction with the client, as well as increase cost and delay because of processing the complaint.
  2. If you run out of ordered goods or have another defect in stock, please inform the customer before sending the package. Only when you receive confirmation from the buyer, you can send the package without the desired goods or with a proposal for replacement.
  3. In online sales, it is crucial to promise customers real delivery time. Also consider the small possibility that the delivery service will be delayed. Pay special attention to those customers who are in a hurry with delivery. In case of a prolonged delay, use the tracking code and politely check with the delivery service to see what went wrong. Only when you know where the package is located and when exactly it will arrive to the customer, you inform the customer of the delivery time.
  4. Establish a regular deadline for the arrival of the delivery service and respect it. Be aware that delivery services are extremely busy, and their workload increases as online sales increase. We recommend correctness – on a day when you do not have packages, or you have many more than usual, notify the delivery person in the morning.

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Online sales and simultaneous sales in a physical store

The last piece of advice applies to companies that sell both in the physical and in the online shop. Consider whether in your case it makes sense to separate the warehouse for the online store and prepare packages at another location. If resources allow, devote at least one person to the work of preparing the goods and communicating with customers. Separation of work allows you to fully dedicate yourself to both physical store customers and online customers, while reducing the possibility of errors.

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