Online shop – business idea in Slovenia during coronavirus

Online shop - business idea in Slovenia during coronavirus

Especially during the times of the coronavirus outbreak it became clear that it is an advantage to having an online shop for your business. Even in times, when regular stores had to close, you can still provide your products to customers. With an online shop you will have access to business in Europe and worldwide and are not restricted with the measures during coronavirus, when physical stores are mostly closed.

Data d.o.o. has been offering support to entrepreneurs with business in Slovenia for 30 years. In addition to company registration services, we also provide professional accounting services. Additionally, we also have a specialized legal department that supports entrepreneurs with every aspect of Slovenian business legislation. They can also assist you in implementing the measures that the state offers to entrepreneurs during coronavirus outbreak. We also follow the novelties that the state enforces to support the economy and can offer consultation.  If you need legal advice or advice regarding obtaining funds for business conduct, as well consultation of our tax experts on tax benefits, please or send an inquiry to  or call us at +386 1 6006 270 or +386 40 530 718 (Viber/Whatsapp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

Online shop or regular store?

With globalisation consumers became accustomed to having all products just one click away. So even in case you have a physical store, the majority of entrepreneurs decide to provide an online shop as well. It is also possible to have just an online store, without physical presence in the country. Some companies also use the business model of ordering the products online and then providing the possibility of pick-up on-site. This  reassures the customer if they want to check the products characteristics.

An online store model allows a merchant to actually be able to do business without stock. This can be through a just-in-time or “JIT” delivery system or with the “dropshipping” option. Even so, the entrepreneur lowers entry costs or even potential losses if the product is not sold as expected.

Opening an online shop also lowers the initial costs for the entrepreneur. They can do the business from their own home or a small-scale storage with less expenses.

How can you open an online shop in Slovenia?

Opening an online shop in Slovenia will give you access to provide your products online worldwide. Since February, it is also possible to use Amazon Europe as a platform for online sales.  If you do not already have a company in Slovenia, you can register a new one with the online shop business activities . Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company with 7500 EUR share capital. The company registration process in Slovenia is very straight-forward.  If you already have a company abroad but would like to adapt your sales for online shop, you can also add business activity of online shop in order to provide this service.

Are there any additional regulations that you need to abide by with e-commerce?

One of the special features that the founder of an online store must master is the protection of personal data. By the regulation of the “General Data Protection Regulation”, respectively GDPR, in 2018, every person, even a small entrepreneur, must make sure that the collection is justified and properly regulated when collecting personal information.

The online shop’s design must comply with regulations that protect the buyer in the event of online shopping. Our experts in the legal department of Data d.o.o. can offer full support in the explanation of the guidelines as well as preparing the required documentation for GDPR compliance.


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