Short-term rent – idea for business in Slovenia, EU

Short-term rent – idea for business in Slovenia, EU

There has been serious growth in the real estate market in Slovenia. As the interest in Slovenia has grown, tourism is rising and also more people are relocating here due to optimal living conditions. Hence, more people are looking for short-term rent options. So, if you are planning to start your business in Europe, you can decide to open your company in Slovenia, purchase property in your company’s name and then rent it out. You can opt for short-term rent through online portals like Airbnb or but you need to make sure that you abide by the regulations for short term rent.

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Opening a company in Slovenia

Slovenia is a good choice for a business destination if you plan to do your business in EU. To start your business in Slovenia, the first step would be to register a company. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company. It requires 7.500€ founding capital, a business address in Slovenia and for all shareholders and representatives to have their Slovenian tax numbers. The whole process takes roughly 1 month to complete. It requires your physical presence in Slovenia to sign the act of establishment and open the temporary bank account. Once the company if officially registered, you can proceed to purchasing real estate in Slovenia which would be suitable for short-term rent.

Regulations you would have to abide by when offering short-term rent to clients

The Law on Catering (ZGos) prescribes the conditions under which a legal entity or natural person can offer accommodation through short-term rent.

Before you can actually rent out your property for short-term rent, you have to make sure that you have prepared all the documentation to legally rent out real estate.

You would have to prove that your company is the owner of the property, usually with a contract of sale. Additionally, you would also have to obtain the operating permit regarding the residential purpose of the property. Also, you have to obtain consent of the co-owners in case of a multi-residential building. Regarding the property itself, you have to ensure general minimal standards, like fire-safety and minimal technical standards. Before starting to offer your services of renting property, you would also have to adjust the property in accordance to the Regulation of Categorization of Accommodations Establishments.

When you have obtained all the above-mentioned documentation, you can start offering your services of short-term rent and also advertise your property on online portals such as Airbnb, etc.

Also, when you are providing short-term rent, you have to make sure that you:

  • issue invoices to clients appropriately,
  • report information of guests through the web-application eTurizem,
  • pay taxes from income of the business activity,
  • and pay tourist tax.

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