Grow your business and open a company in Slovenia/EU

Grow your business and open a company in Slovenia/EU

Did you got an idea lately to grow your business and open a company in Europe? Or you already have a company in some european country and would want to expand your business to Slovenia? Either way, your idea is great! If you want to expand your business to Europe, Slovenia is a great starting point. And if you want to grow your business through Slovenia as a european company, then you have choosen one of the best European destination to do so!

Start your own business in Slovenia now!

Ljubljana was chosen as the best destination in Europe!

Ljubljana was chosen as the best destination in Europe in 2022. This title was awarded to the Slovenian capital by the tourist website European Best Destinations. They described it as “a treasure trove of exciting secrets and natural joys”. By the way, our company Data has been helping many entrepreneurs to set up companies for more than 30 years! Is it possible that Ljubljana is the place where your new company will be? You can register a company with us. Quick and easy!

For more info, we are also available at the telephone number 00386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) . Our experts at Data will give you support in the entire process. In this way you will also get all the answers. And you can also start in just few steps!

How to grow your business and open a company in Slovenia?

Alright, now you know that Slovenia and especially Ljubljana is a great choice for growing your business. But how to open a company? Where to start? What kind of company can you open? If you already have your own business and you would like to develop an existing business in the region, then DATA d.o.o. is the correct address for company registration. If you want to enter the European market, but do not have the courage to do so, here you can read some information how to expand your business in the EU.

Business options in Slovenia: company registration

The first step in choosing business immigration options in Slovenia is deciding which company you can open in Slovenia. If you are a start up entrepreneur, you can open a limited liability company with a share capital of € 7,500. But if you are an entrepreneur, you also have the opportunity to open a branch or subsidiary.

You can open a subsidiary if you already have an existing company in your country. The advantage of a subsidiary is that it is an independent legal entity and completely independent of the parent company.

You can open a branch if you already have an operating company in your country. Grow and expand your business in Slovenia with a branch, because its advantage is that you do not need an account in a Slovenian bank or a minimum capital of 7,500 euros, as it is not a legal entity in itself. The weakness is that he is completely dependent on his parent company, which means that he has to do the same activities.

You also ask yourself what activities to choose for your company? That’s why we are here. We will provide you all the answers you need. You can also contact our legal and tax consultans.

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Why choose DATA as your slovenian partner?

You have many new ideas? Do you also plan to start business in Europe? Our experts will be happy to help you. Send us an email to We advice you to also visit our Facebook  and Instagram. You can also sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.

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