CEO of a company in Slovenia – find out more

CEO of a company in Slovenia - find out more

CEO of a company is in other words, director or legal representative of the company. Read this article and find out more on this topic. You will get additional information on who can be a director of a company, can there be more than just one as well as do they need to be employed within the company.


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What is a CEO of a company?

CEO of a company is a legal representative who is running the business of the company. Every company type in Slovenia needs to appoint at least one person as a director of the company. The director needs to be a natural person, let it be a foreigner or a local individual. Your company can also have more than one director.
The CEO of a company is responsible to sign agreements, make executive decisions and controls the finances of the company.

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Who can be a CEO of a company?

representative can be a foreign or local individual. They need to prove that they were not convicted for criminal offenses against the economy, social security and employment, property, legal transactions, natural resources and environment. The director of the company also needs to obtain a Slovenian tax number.

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Does a CEO of a company needs to employ themselves within the company?

The director and owner of a newly established company does not need to employ themselves within the company, if he or she is already a full-time employee (40 hours/week) at another company. If they are employed at another company on a full time base, the employer of the company where they are working is paying social contributions for them.

On the other hand some directors and shareholders of a company work for another company only part time (20 hours/week). In rhis case they need to make sure to register themselves for insurance in the newly established company for the rest of 20 hours/week. This is what is left for the full insurance. For this 20 hours/week of insurance they will need to pay their social contributions on their own.

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