Legal representative of the company in Slovenia, EU

Legal representative of the company in Slovenia, EU

If you have been thinking about opening a company in Slovenia, you have to understand that all company types require a legal representative within the company. We will be explaining who can be a legal representative in a company and what his responsibilities are.

Legal representative of the company in Slovenia, EU

All company types in Slovenia have to appoint at least one legal representative. They can appoint more than one or also appoint a procurator.

The legal representative or management executive is a person how is allowed to lead the company’s business. The company can have one or more representatives. He can either sign agreements with individual representation right, so that each representative can sign agreements on their own and does not require consent of others for the contract to be valid. The company can limit the representative’s power by having joint representation. This means that the signed agreement is only valid if all legal representatives sign off on it.

The legal representative can be both an EU citizen or also a non-EU citizen. This person has to be appointed either in the process of company registration or later added in the business registry. In order to be a legal representative, the shareholders have to add you in the company within the Slovenian business registry.

Difference between legal representative and procurator

Procuring is a special type of authorization, where the appointed procurer gets the right to represent the company when doing business in Slovenia.

A procurator is a business proxy, who can represent the company in its entirety except for burdening real estate or selling it. They also cannot make decisions about closing the company or doing structural changes within the company.

A procurator is not someone who makes decisions within the company and also not responsible for leading the company but has the function of representing the company towards third parties.

Process of opening a company in Slovenia, EU

If you have decided to open a company in Slovenia, you can open an LTD company if you are a non-EU citizen. The minimal founding capital for LTD is 7.500€. The company has to have at least one shareholder and at least one legal representative. They can be the same person.

In addition to the founding capital, you have to have a Slovenian tax number for all representatives and shareholders. Also, the company needs a business address in Slovenia.

Once you have all these documents, you have to come to Slovenia to register the company and open the corporate bank account. It would take approximately 2 weeks to conclude these procedures and then you can start doing your business in Europe.

Establish a company in Slovenia with the support of Data!

If you have decided to establish a company in Slovenia, Data will be happy to support you. Our consultants can obtain the Slovenian tax number on your behalf.

You can also carry out LTD registration at our VEM-SPOT point free of charge.

Our legal department can explain the rights and responsibilities of a legal representative to you. They can also guide you to understand Slovenian legislation and draft contracts for your company.

We also provide services of accountancy and tax consultation.

If your company requires a business address, we can provide services of virtual office.

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