Effect of the epidemic on company registration and immigration in Slovenia

Effect of the epidemic on company registration and immigration in Slovenia

What was the effect of the epidemic on company registration and related procedures in Slovenia? Many countries worldwide are coping with the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. Slovenia was very successful in handling the outbreak. Businesses have already opened their doors again this week and the government lifted the majority of restrictions. But due to the epidemic, some procedures in both company registration as well as subsequent business immigration did change in order to ensure the safety and health of those involved. We will be summarizing the changes and effects in this article.

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Effects of the epidemic on the company registration procedures

Company registration in Slovenia required that the shareholders and representatives visit Slovenia in order to sign the registration documents as well as opening the bank account. During the effects of the epidemic, there is a possibility that our licensed VEM point prepares the company registration documentation remotely. You can sign it without coming to Slovenia. The Slovenian banks also received approval that they can do the identification for opening the bank account remotely. It is only an instruction, if they choose to and if they have the technological resources for it. The banks are currently trying to implement this guideline to their operations.

Effects of the epidemic on the application for business immigration to Slovenia

The epidemic also had effects on the procedures of business immigration, especially in the application process. Before the epidemic, the applicant had to submit the documentation in person, either at the embassy or administrative unit. During the epidemic, it is possible to submit the application electronically to avoid missing deadlines. For those applications that were already submitted but required additional documentation in the process, the deadlines were paused due to the temporary effects of the epidemic. The authorities will assess when the pause will end but they will not be prolonged longer than 1st July 2020.

Those, who are picked up the already issued permit but are unable to come to Slovenia to enroll to social security, can request a prolongation of the period in which they have to enroll to social security. In order to ensure the proper preparation of these requests, we advise that you consult a legal advisor before submitting the request. At DATA, we have competent legal advisors that can support you in the process.

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