Developing your business in Slovenia – expansion to EU

Developing your business in Slovenia – expansion to EU

The European market was always interesting for foreigners. It includes many different countries where life standard is high and therefore there are many requirements for various services and products. Developing your existing business in Slovenia would give you entrance to the European market. Here, you can offer your products and services also in other EU countries. Find out, which possibilities you will have for business expansion if you already have a business abroad.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Data d.o.o. is one of the biggest service providers in Slovenia in terms of company registration and offering accounting services. But our 40 experts include also legal consultants, who can guide you on how to correctly do your business in Europe by developing your business activity in Slovenia.

Developing your existing business in Slovenia – opening a subsidiary or branch office in Slovenia

In Slovenia as well as in other EU countries, there are necessities for different products and services, which also non-EU companies can provide. Having a hub for your business in Slovenia will give you access to provide your services to customers throughout Europe.

If you plan on developing your business in Slovenia in order to search for new markets for your products but will still provide the same services as the parent company, you can establish a branch office in Slovenia. A branch office is not a separate legal entity. It is a part of the parent company and hence has to be included in the parent company’s business reports. Additionally, it is also fully financially dependent on the parent company and cannot exist without it. Because of this, it also does not need share capital for company registration.

Since the branch office is mostly used for marketing and developing your already existing services and products, it can only register the same business activities as the parent company.

If you want more independence in your business conduct, you can decide to register a subsidiary. It is an independent LTD company where the shareholder is a foreign legal entity. As it is independent, the parent company provides the share capital (7500€) for the registration, but otherwise it generates its own business. The subsidiary can develop business, additional to the parent company and can also expand to other business activities. Should the parent company close, the subsidiary can exist on its own.

You can also open an entirely new LTD as a natural person

If you want to develop a new business and not connect it to your existing business, you can register an LTD company as a natural person. It is also a company type that requires the least documentation for registration. And if you do not have an existing company abroad, you can still establish this new LTD. For registration, you only need a Slovenian tax number for all shareholder and representatives. You would also have to provide 7500€ share capital and a business address for your company.

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