Opening a business in Slovenia – DATA services

Opening a business in Slovenia - DATA services

Opening a business in Slovenia is a very good choice. At DATA we guide you through the whole process. We offer various services and support for entrepreneurs before, in between and after the company registration. From our experiences, first two years are crucial for company success. Read this article and find out how we can help you in your process of opening a business in Slovenia.

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Data d.o.o. has been offering support to foreign citizens with their business in Slovenia In addition to company registration services, we also provide professional accounting services. We also have specialized legal advisors that support business owners with every aspect of  Slovenian legislation. You can also follow us on Facebook.


Opening a business and reserving the name of the company

When you open a new company, you need to ensure that the name of the company you select is available. At DATA, we can perform a name and handover check service for you. All you must have for these proceedings is your personal Slovenian tax number.

Opening a business and registration

Registration of the company is the most important procedure when opening a business in Slovenia. At DATA, you can register your company at VEM point. At VEM point, you can register various types of company, such as Limited liability company, business unit and sole trader. Branch office on the other hand you register at the notary. On the base of your authorization, we can perform the registration process at the notary.


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How to change the activity, director or business address of the company?

When opening a company you need to register the activities of your company. At any point you can add or change activities. For that, you can visit our VEM point. In order to change and add activities the director of the company needs to visit our VEM point.

If you would like to change the directors of the company, the owners together with the new director need to visit the VEM point. The new director will also need a Slovenian tax number in the proceedings. If you decide to change the ownership structure and add or remove shareholders, you must do the procedure with the notary.

You can also change your company address at VEM point. The procedure is very simple and requires the presence of the director. To change the address, you need a statement from the owner of the company that allows you to register your company there. The owner may come with you to the VEM point to sign this statement. If there is no time, they can also sign a statement and certify it in a Slovenian administrative unit or notary office. In this case, you need to pay for notary services. If however the owner signs a statement at VEM point, the procedure is free.

Opening a company in Slovenia and accounting services

When opening a company you need to ensure as well good accounting services. At DATA, we have a team of experienced accountants that would be more than happy to assist you. Our professional accounting services are insured and we take full responsibility for our work and advice. With our  accounting services we help you as well to develop financial projections, plans and other reports needed for business planning of your company.

Legal services for your company

When you are opening a business in foreign country, it is important as well that you have full legal support. Our legal department at DATA consists of experts in the field of migration, economic, contractual and labour law. Each country has its own law regulations and specifics. That is why it is crucial to have domestic law experts that speak the language and can offer you professional legal counselling. Investment in a lawyer is surely one of the most important investments for an individual who wants to do business in Slovenia and in the EU.

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Employing foreigners and obtaining work and residence permits

If you want to start a company in Slovenia and employ foreigners you need to obtain work and residence permits. At DATA, we have a department of experts specializing in conducting procedures to obtain all necessary permits and licenses. We make it easier for foreigners and their employers to obtain or extend their work and residency permits. We also help obtain and extend residence permits on other grounds, such as studying, self-employment, family reunification etc. For our clients, we prepare the necessary documentation; give precise instructions and advice in the process. Additionally we organize meetings in competent institutions and conduct all necessary communication with all institutions involved in the procedures.


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Contact DATA for full support with your business in Slovenia!

If you have additional questions on how to start business in Slovenia and business immigration to Slovenia, do not hesitate to contact DATA d.o.o. for support! Send us an email to You can also call us on +386 1 6006 270/+386 1 6006 274, Viber/Whatsapp +386 40 530 718/+386 64 173 023 or skype data.business7.

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