Legal support in the process of moving to Slovenia

Legal support in the process of moving to Slovenia

Moving to Slovenia – before taking this decision, we recommend you to make a research on the legalization of Republic of Slovenia about work and residence of foreign citizens in Slovenia. In our company “DATA” we have our own legal department to help all those, who are thinking of moving to Slovenia in order to live and work here and in the other EU member states.

What it is important for you to know moving to Slovenia?

If you are thinking about moving to Slovenia on the basis of the company registration, our legal professional advises to pay attention to the form of the company you will register in Slovenia. A foreign citizen has the right to register a private company limited by shares, a branch office or a subsidiary company. If you register an LTD, the founders must make a deposit of starting capital in the minimum amount of 7.500 EUR. After the registration of the company, you can use this capital for the company`s business.

When registering a company (LTD, branch office or subsidiary), the director can receive a single work and residence permit, if all the conditions are fulfilled for employing the director of the company.

For obtaining a single work and residence permit one of the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • investment in the fixed assets of the company in the amount of 50.000 EUR or
  • The company has at least one employee for 6 months. You can employ an EU citizen. Or a citizen of any other country that already has a single work and residence permit in Slovenia.
  • The company has a monthly turnover of 10.000 EUR – every month for the last 6 months;

Moving to Slovenia on the basis of higher education

If you have at least bachelor degree, you can obtain work and residence permit on this basis. In this case you do not have to fulfill any of the above conditions. The procedure for obtaining the permit, in this case, lasts the same as in the example of the above conditions. The local government usually reviews the documents within 2 months.

We guarantee a 100% support in the process of moving to Slovenia! Find out more about us!

In the process of moving to Slovenia our legal service and entrepreneur department will help you. Our experts can help you with the procedure and the preparation of the documents. Since the legislation of Slovenia on the migration conditions is changing and is quite complex, we decided to take over. In our company, we have experts on all the issues that concern those, who think about moving to Slovenia – on legal, financial and tax issues, as well as issues for living in Slovenia in general. We have a large circle of partners, so we will be happy to support you as well when moving to Slovenia – you can get acquainted with our company and specialists here!

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