Residency and business in Slovenia – how to obtain the permit?

Residency and business in Slovenia, EU

Residency and business in Slovenia

Most of the questions that we get are related to residency and business in Slovenia. Obtaining a single work and residence permit based on registering the company in Slovenia is one of the best opportunities for development and expansion of your business. It is also a possibility for you and your family to move to Slovenia. It is also the easiest way to obtain the permit and legally start your life in Slovenia.

Residency and business in Slovenia – company registration

In Slovenia you can open LTD company, branch office, subsidiary or become a sole propriator. The registration procedure is free of charge in our VEM point. Our specialist can prepare all the needed documents before the registration. You can finish the procedure in Slovenia in one day.

Residency and business in Slovenia – the conditions

The conditions to apply for work and residence permit in Slovenia based on company registration are:

  • an investment in fixed assets of the company in the amount of at least 50.000 EUR.
  • the company has a turnover in the amount of at least 10.000 EUR every month in a period of 6 months.
  • the company has one employee, who has a status in Slovenia in a period of last 6 months.

If one of the above requirements is met, the director has the right to obtain residence permit in Slovenia. You can also obtain it for your employees.

Residency and business in Slovenia – family reunification

Close family members of entrepreneurs and employed foreigners can easily apply for residence in Slovenia on the basis of family reunification. A foreign citizen who already has work and residence permit can apply for family reunification after the first extension of his permit.

Residency and business in Slovenia – how can we help you?

The company Data can help you to register your company and obtain residence permit in Slovenia. We employ 50 professionals who can help you in the conduct of your business. They are in the same place, in the same building, all in one place!

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