Foreign citizens and company registration in Slovenia, EU

Foreign citizens and company registration in Slovenia, EU

How can foreign citizens register a company in Slovenia? Many foreign entrepreneurs contact us because they are interested in starting a business in Slovenia. Mostly, they are not sure what kind of company they can open and whether there are any restrictions when it comes to company registration.

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Foreign citizens and company registration in Slovenia

To answer a frequently asked question – regardless whether you are a foreign citizen from a non-EU country or an EU citizen, you can open an LTD company in Slovenia as a natural person. Registering a limited liability company in Slovenia at the VEM point of company Data is possible with 7500€ share capital.

All company shareholders and representatives have to obtain a Slovenian tax number and have all company information ready. Those include company name and company address, personal documents of the shareholders and representatives. Based on that documentation our consultants can prepare the act of establishment. Then you would open a corporate bank account where you deposit the 7500€ share capital. Usually the company is registered in 7 business days from depositing the share capital. Then you would have an active company in Slovenia with which you can do business in Europe and worldwide.

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Foreign citizens – what company types can you register in Slovenia?

In addition to opening an LTD company as a natural person, foreign citizens have two possibilities of company registration in Slovenia, if you have an existing company in your homeland. You can either open a limited liability company as legal entity or decide to open a branch office.

Opening a LTD company where foreign legal entity is a shareholder (subsidiary or daughter company) is a very straight forward process. Before the register the foreign company has to obtain a Slovenian tax number, along with subsidiary representatives.

If you plan to open a subsidiary, you would need to prepare the following documents:

  • extract from the business registry of the parent company,
  • passport of the representative of the parent company with information on permanent address
  • information on business address in Slovenia

Foreign citizens have also another option on expanding their business to Slovenia if they have an existing company abroad. You can register a branch office of your foreign company. Registering a company can be done on authorization and you can authorize us to prepare the documents and bring them to the notary’s office.

The documents which a branch office registration requires are the following:

  • Slovenian tax numbers for foreign company and representatives
  • extract from the business registry of the parent company,
  • financial report for the previous business year,
  • act of establishment of the parent company.

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