Slovenian company and business expansion in Europe

Slovenian company and business expansion in Europe

A Slovenian company is a great option for business in Europe!

As the situation with the pandemic is improving in Europe, many people want to resume business in Europe now. Choosing a good hub is very important and this is why we want to present how having a Slovenian company will enable you to either start or expand your business to the entire area of the EU.

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How can you open a Slovenian company?

The advantage of Slovenia is that it is very simple to establish a company here. Any natural person can establish a limited liability company. If you are an EU citizen or have been living in Slovenia at least 1 year, you can also become a sole trader. To open a LTD company you would need a Slovenian tax number and a business address in Slovenia. You would also need the initial capital of at least 7500€.  A Slovenian company can also do business in other EU countries. We post all our updates on business in Slovenia on our Facebook and Instagram.

Expand your business to Slovenia

If you already have a business abroad, you can also decide to expand it. This way you can present your brand in Europe by opening a daughter company or a branch office. In case of a daughter company, the owner would be a foreign company, but it is still a LTD company. So you still need to show the 7500€ as the share capital. If you decide for the branch office, you do not need share capital. But the branch will not be independent but will be used more for promotion of your product on new markets.

Pension in Slovenia/EU

A Slovenian company and employing workers

Most companies also have employees in order to provide the services or sell the products. In your Slovenian company, you can employ EU citizens and people with permanent residence in Slovenia as soon as the company is opened. You employ them by signing an employment contract and you start paying them salary. You can also employ non-EU citizens. As a director, you can also start business immigration to Slovenia. But for that your company has to fulfill the active business conduct. This can either be a 50.000€ investment, employing an EU citizen for 6 months or 10.000€ monthly revenue for 6 months. Our legal experts can help you in the process from start to finish.

How to obtain EU Blue Card in Slovenia/EU?

Doing business with your company in other EU lands

Having a Slovenian company is a great hub for also doing business in other EU lands. Between the countries in the Schengen zone there are no borders. It means that the travel of people and the transit of goods is very simple. Many owners of the Slovenian companies decide to use Slovenia as a center of their operations. But they also do business with other countries. Mostly, this means applying for the VAT number, which is easy with our help. If you plan to have short-term projects for which your workers have to go to another EU land to do them, it is possible to apply for an A1 form. This allows your employees to still be employed in Slovenia but work for your company also in other EU lands.

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