Invest in Slovenia, EU

Invest in Slovenia

It is very wise to invest in Slovenia because the goverment is very keen on foreign investments. Due to the strategic position in the heart of Europe and very low crime rate, Slovenia offers a safe and harmonious place to work and live.

Opening a company in Slovenia will open doors for major economic regions in Europe and the possibility to participate on the EU market. Slovenian economy is highly export-oriented and Slovenia offers a high quality of life as well as a high degree of protection of investors.

There are plenty of sectors to invest in Slovenia:

  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Information and communcation industry
  • Metal working industry
  • Logistic and distribution industry

Past analyses show that foreign entrepreneurs are most interested to invest in Slovenia in the production of foods and beverages, manufacture of chemicals and chemical products and pharmaceutical raw materials, manufacture of rubber and plastic products, manufacture of metal products and manufacture of electrical equipment in Slovenia (Spirit Slovenia).

The government of Republic of Slovenia has committed to create a predictable and non-discriminatory regulatory environment withour administrative impediments to business for foreign investors.

At the moment, the general coroporate tax rate in Slovenia is 19% of taxable base, which is one of the lowest in Europe.

Are you considering to invest in Slovenia along with a business immigration to Slovenia?

If you are considering a business immigration to Slovenia, opening a LTD company or a branch company is one of the first steps on your way. After the company is registered, you can consider business immigration by following one of the terms of obtaining a unique residence permit in Slovenia. There are three conditions under which a foreigner can obtain a single residence permit in a company in Slovenia and the company has to meet one one of them:

  • In the first 6 months after registration of the company, an investment of 50.000 € in fixed assets has to be made (this term only applies to young companies, which are not older than 6 months)
  • Employing a EU citizen or a citizen of another state, who already has a personal work permit in Slovenia, for at least 6 months for a full workday with all the health and social benefits paid
  • The company has to have a monthly turnover of 10.000 €/month for the last 6 months before applying for the permit

If you are considering to invest in Slovenia and then starting the process of obtaining a single residence permit, the company Data can help you on your way. Firstly, we can offer support in the process of company registration as well as obtaining the necessary documentation. Our team of highly skilled specialists in the accounting and legal area can offer you all the necessary asistance in the process of purchasing items that may be considered as fixed assets of the company as well as prepare the necessary documentation after the purchase. Our staff can then offers you full support when applying for the unique residence permit based on investment of 50.000 € in fixed assets and lead you on your way of obtaining residency in Slovenia and conducting your business here afterwards.

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